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ScotRail eXpress: Edinburgh - Glasgow: Bug & Support Thread

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    Insensitive much? with whats going on in the world

    See picture, what rivet think is funny

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    • Nathan
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      Lol. That's just what happens to people who don't pay for a ticket on Scotrail. 😂
      It is a bit much though and I'm glad it's getting removed.

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    Hi, sorry for any offence, we didn't wanted anyone to feel uncomfortable.

    This scene will be removed in the upcoming update.


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      Someone fixed it for you


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        1. A.I trains not displaying PIS
        2. No smart PIS
        3. No anouncements for Dumblane or Alloa services
        4. Not able to use anouncements when spawned walking or continuing on foot.
        5. Gaurds pannel buttons aren't accurate
        6. Not real ScotRail anouncements (hopefully you can get these when your on your recording trip.
        7. Cannot look around when on the TMS screen camera mode.
        8. DAS always displaying Advice not Available. (It could change to slow down when there is a red signal ahead, say caution when a yellow signal is ahead and say clear when a green signal is ahead).
        9. Carriage door sounds (interior doors between Carriages) are re-used from Cathcart Circle and are not accurate.
        10. Passengers sitting side ways. (Not sure if this has or hasn't been fixed. Please let me know.)


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          For me Rivet did a good job in making the fixes as fast as possible. The 385 is really enjoyable, also the brakes feel ok (not too strong as some people were complaining). Of course the route is fun, and made well too.

          Still have one major criticism point:

          How could it happen that flange sounds were forgotten / not implemented at all? They have bin there since decades and even TSC models them quite well. If i would judge a mechanic at this point i would say "you managed to perfectly mount 3 wheels on a car, but you entirely forgot about the 4. one". Even the class 150 has them and just because its a new EMU with clean compartments, it doesnt mean the bogies dont make the typical sound characteristics of a train anymore when driving curves / over switches etc.

          Here attached what i mean, just put a class 150 at Edinburgh Platform 14 and drive outside 1-2 miles, so you will notice. Below attached a pic & a link where you can hear it:

          Click image for larger version

Name:	TSW3_Meridian_1678293805_00.png
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Size:	4.66 MB
ID:	9175

          DTG didnt set up those as well on their electrostars, but at least the files were there, so a modder could just make its job and set them up. Unfortunately on the 385 its missing entirely, which is a very low performance. We had this topic a lot in DTG forums, if your train doesnt sound like the represented train, or worse doesnt sound like a train at all, every effort is botched.

          So my recommendation to Rivet: Nomatter if you get a recording session, at least add the flangesounds, so modders can finish their job. Despite that, very good work on both the route and the train.


          • Nathan
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            The Class 377's did have flange sounds. Not sure about the others though.
            It is needed though. Badly. But yes. They did do a great job with the recent update.

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          Originally posted by Jasper_Rivet View Post
          Hi folks,

          this thread is here to help with any bugs/problems you encounter. Of course we'll help with any questions you might have.
          Please feel free to help other players, we'll jump in as well of course!

          Looks like the TMS announcements don’t work when the train is for Aloa or Dumblane. Also not when taking over a train on foot. This was not fixed by the update. Hopefully you will fix it later?


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            Jasper_Rivet just quickly. Do all elevators work? If not all work, ignore me. But for some reason some of the elevators and doors don't work in key stations like Queen Street.


            • TFT6439
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              Oh OK that makes sense.

            • Nathan
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              I've only found one at Waverly that works and that's it! If someone could let me know if there's others that work then I'd be grateful.

            • Jasper_Rivet
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              There are two at Edinburgh Park as well, but that's it.

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            When spawning walking anouncements don't update for the current service. They don't say anything. For example, if I select, “welcome aboard this Scotrail service to...”
            It will say “Welcome aboard this Scotrail service to” but will be silent after “to” and won't say station names. Please fix this so I can spawn walking and play services properly. 🙏🙏🙏
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