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1938 Tube Stock | Bug & Support Thread

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  • 1938 Tube Stock | Bug & Support Thread

    Hi folks,

    this thread is here to help with any bugs/problems you encounter. Of course we'll help with any questions you might have.
    Please feel free to help other players, we'll jump in as well of course!


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    Please darken the green of the interior which is not anywhere near the true colour. There are plenty of pictures and videos online as well as an actual model in the London Transport museum.

    Also, I would appreciate an improvement in the sounds particularly in the underground sections. This is a train I travelled in a lot in my childhood and Iā€™m not getting the feel of it, mainly due to the sounds. Again there are plenty of videos around for reference.


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      Thank you, I've noted your input for our team.

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    Visueally the 38 Tube stock is made really nice, and the slightly wrong green isnt a problem for me, but i can understand if people are disappointed by this. Was reported a Lot of times at different places & forums (so i guess to put an orange makes a difference, when its supposed to represent a tomato).

    Has been a while since i used the tube stock, mainly because the sound, which brakes my experience entirely. (will go into that later)

    So here a few things i noticed, which belong in this bug thread and should get adressed:

    1: Bugs with the Guard Panels:


    - Checking the entire Tubestock with all Cars, not all Panels are working to open & close the doors --> All Guard Panels should be fully operational!

    - Checking the entire Tubestock with all Cars, only at 1 Panel the Passenger Cab lights can be turned On / Off --> All Guard Panels should be fully operatinal!

    - After shuting the unit down, Cab lights turn off, but on the trailer unit, they remain on


    2: Drive as Passenger:

    - Checking the entire Tubestock, there are only few possibilities to sit down. Most of the seats are just not working --> Many players take also a ride as a passenger sometimes. --> All Passenger Seats in TSW are accessable, no reason for taking shortcuts here.


    3: The thing with the sound:

    - This is a really old train, obviously driving on it, was pure nostalgic. In my opinion Rivet missed the sound aspect on the 38 stock entirely and im sure it was the main reason of many customers made their refund (Or didnt choose to buy).

    Its not the traction motor sounds not beeing recorded of a real 38 Tube stock, its the point that Rivets train feels like a glider on Rails. When i drive through the tunnels with power off, its just PURE silence. That Train rattles, makes noises from coasting itself. --> So since we dont sit inside, sounds are the only way to bring real immersion to a player.

    So basicly if a loco DLC cant immers the customer to even sit in that train i would title this as a "fail", and thats a bold one.

    So here my recommendation to Rivet:

    As a company advertise yourself with "Quality Railroad" products for TSW2, the points and feedback from the community should taken seriously. I would like to buy every single dlc from you (also own every dtg dlc), so this will only happen in future if Rivet products come up with the quality of dtgs locos and feature in terms of details.

    As example right now the 38 Tube Stock isnt worth its full price as loco addon in my opinion. As soon the nessecary update will release, ill post my review.


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      Hi, Meridian. Your constructive input is most definitely appreciated and heard. We do want to instill trust in our products and will continue to grow and learn every time with the help of the community. I have taken everything down and included it in our dev team report. Thank you.