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    Loving the route, but I have noticed at least one bug that hasn't been mentioned already, and another one which I am not entirely sure about being unfamiliar with the prototype locomotive. First off, definitely a bug, the left hand sun visor. Moving is moves it in both cabs, so, on leaving one cab with the blinds down to stop it overheating in the sun, when you move to the other cab, you'll find mirrored blind in the same position. Second bug, I think, when the loco tail lights are switched on, it only one of the tail lights ever illuminates. I don't think there's some lever or button I am missing, and thought that both lights were meant to be lit up.

    Despite the handful of launch bugs, it's still a really great route. Really great job.

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    The tail light is no bug, that is correct


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      Thanks for the feedback on the sun visors, that's now noted!

      Regarding the taillights: Just like mob4004 already mentioned, this is the correct way on the RhB. Except for the street-running bit in Chur, following the BO-Strab, would need to have two red lights when driving through there.


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        Bo-Strab is German and not valid in Switzerland. Bo-Strab is for German Tramways. The RhB (even the street-running-parts) are still licensed as a railway, and railway-rules apply. On the street-running-parts, one red tail light is mandatory (so car drivers can see the end of the train). On non-street-running-parts, no tail light is necessary on the RhB as they use axle counters to know if the train is complete. On this DLC these lights should be used:

        Loco + train
        front of locomotive 3 x white
        tail of locomotive 1 x white
        end of the train 1 x red (not in the game)

        Loco solo
        front of locomotive 3 x white
        tail of locomotive 1 x red

        loco with 2x white+ red upper front light is not used anymore. It was used to show special authorization to run on the line. Since the RhB installed blocks, they are not used anymore
        3x red is hazard sign, and each train that sees a train with these lights needs to stop immediately


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          Thanks for the light explanation.