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Some Arosa Bugs and recomentations

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  • Some Arosa Bugs and recomentations

    - Rear Light of the locomotive not working when locomotive is attached to coaches. Normally in Switzerland, a locomotive does show a white light, in such a case. Each locomotive with a driver should show a white light on the back. Several locomotives in multiple unit with only one driver are considered one locomotive and should only show a white light on the rear of the last one.
    - Rear Light of shunting signals are not working correctly. They should only be lit, if the shunting signal shows a proceeding aspect. I saw several signals with proceeding aspect where the back light was not lit, and several signals that did show a stop aspect, but the back light was lit.
    - The wood on the wood wagons is mirroring way too much. Sometimes it looks like a disco ball. The wagon itself does not have this issue.
    - Train sounds are awful and nothing like reality
    - Missing use of the wood wagons in timetable mode. I hope you will consider adding 1-2 freight trains and maybe 1-2 mixed. (even if something is coming in the future, this should be possible)
    - Not game breaking, but wood wagons are loaded in St. Peter-Molinis, not unloaded as in the Scenarios. Mostly they go afterwards to Italy via the Bernina Line.
    - Missing manual, despite often being referred to.
    - Is there no way to choose the pantograph? I would love to look up in the manual, but see the point before.
    - AI not using lights and/or passenger lights and/or pantographs (passenger trains usually should use the rear pantograph -> see the point before)
    - Random derailments
    - 2 liveries that are exactly the same, and all numbers and crests are shown for both. (And the ones shown are not necessarily the ones you get later, as they are randonly assigned) Same already for the BR 204.
    - road crossings, the lights should blink alternate, not at the same time

    Probably intended like this but I am gonna mention it either way:
    - Street-running trains need mandatory a rear end signal in Switzerland.
    - baggage car: would be nice if opening the baggage doors and the yellow bars were separate interactions, so you could drive around with the open door but bar down
    different baggage car but this idea:
    -lots of textures are very low resolution, which is not beautiful, when playing on Ultra-settings

    well, and already said often enough:
    - distant scenery (but I know, you are said you are not gonna change it)
    - No PIS in stations (Chur and Arosa have big screens, and all statons have small screens, where the stop on request-button is) or trains

    I hope we can see some fixes to some of these, and for those we do not get fixes, you might maybe think about fixing it in a probable next DLC.
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    - Rear light is not showing, if you are coupled to some wagons or coaches. Even if you are in the cab on the side those wagons are attached. (Front lights are working fine there, so the issue is just with the rear light)
    - Hazard light is 3x red. one red light is not showing.
    - if setting on the light in the motor room, all the lights there should go on, not only half of them.

    On the next route please a bit more discrete Rivet Games Branding. I like the advertisements in the train and think they are fine as quite small and 3 versions but the Snow Globe Stands with the big Rivet Games logo is a bit much in my eyes.