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The website is flashing when changing page

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  • The website is flashing when changing page

    Just a short message. I don't know if it's a local problem or not, but everytime I load a new page, the site is flashing, which is very annoying for my eyes. Is it possible to remove that flash please ?

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    Hi Nemo, hmm, it's not flashing for us. Is that in the forums or on the main site? What device and operating system are you using? If it's possible to record a short video of it and send a WeTransfer link to it to us at [email protected] we'll try to track down the problem.



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      video has been sent. I'm using Firefox on a laptop with Windows 10 (I forgot to put those informations into the WeTransfer message, sorry ! :/ ).


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        Perfect, thanks. I see the problem, and am now getting it myself as well! I don't think this used to happen though? ie this is a new problem? The forums are hosted by a separate company, so I'll put a ticket into their support and hopefully they can help. C.


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          I'm not getting the flash but Nemo apparently is, can you check it out please?

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        I can't remember if I saw this problem the first time I came here, sorry. :/


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          Any news ? The flash is still killing my poor eyes..


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            Hi , sorry, no news. The software we use (vBulletin) was updated, and it stopped happening for me, so I thought it had been solved for everyone, but obviously not Let me ask them again, but they didn't seem to know what might be causing the problem before