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Isle of Wight - Smallbrook Shuttle - Unable to get Gold Medal

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  • Isle of Wight - Smallbrook Shuttle - Unable to get Gold Medal

    On the Smallbrook Shuttle Scenario, it is impossible to get a the required score to get a gold medal. It is only just possible to get Silver if you do a perfect run.

    I notice that someone else has also reported this on the DTG Forums.

    This was on PC.

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    Thanks for the report. With the last update we had some target scores lowered, in order to ensure that players can take gold medals. However, it may be that something went wrong in this case, so we'll forward it to the devs!


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      This still appears to be an issue on Playstation 4. No matter how hard you try, you are still a few hundred points short of the gold target.
      Aside to this is the inability to acquire the trophy for completion of All Scenarios. Could the developers please look into getting us a fix.


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        Thanks for the note. Dovetail is looking into adding the missing trophies, but we don't know when they'll do it. Sorry!

        I'll put the score thing in our bug-tracking system again, so that our devs can have a look at it. Thanks for the feedback!