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    A healthy community can be more effective at helping to resolve problems, so the issues and resolutions raised in this section will form a considerable knowledge base, and if we see unresolved problems then Rivet Games staff will jump in wherever possible. Please don't post any personal information though; if required, support can be also be had by emailing [email protected] directly.

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    reading the manual of the just released Gotthard route I’ve found an element that I think is an issue (I’ve read the Italian version but I think that all the manuals are equal). In the “History” section there is written that the route is recreated as it was in 2012. Comparing this with the route map included in the manual (with also former stations indicated), I could not but think that there was an error in the date of the recreation of the track. In fact, is more correct to say that the route is recreated as it was between 2013-2015, because in the Summer of 2013 there has been a track change in Pollegio, in order to build an interchange with the GBT line, and a station on the line was cut off from the route: assuming that the state of the route is the one of 2012, the Pollegio station should be on the route. Otherwise, the state of the route can not be prior July 2013. This is a very small thing, but I’ve noticed that so I wanted to report it.
    See also for informations


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      Thanks Matteo; I don't have an answer for you to confirm whether you're right or not - that's more detailed than I know! But I'll get someone to look into it!!

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    Hello, i have a question about the Re 460. I as a swiss person thinks that the Re 460 doesn't Sound as it should and some sound are like they been copied directli from the standard DB BR 101. Was that so pland ore is this something that will be fixed?


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      Hi Nerd1404, thanks for letting us know you don't think they're right, let us look into it.


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        Hello ColinM_Rivet i got the new released pack "RhB Enhancement Pack 04 Add-On" on steam shop say support for Italian language "Manual" but steam haven't installed this it's not an issue for me but i noticed it haven't installed


        • matteomo
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          I think there isn't an Italian manual this time.