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  • Isle of Wight bugs and suggestions


    The Engineering Interruption Scenario is seriously bugged and probably not playable. What is going wrong?

    I think the idea is that the railway is blocked and you need to reverse. This is nowhere announced, so you end up with a weird stop instruction at Shandon South. Then, instead of the instruction to change cabs, noting is said. Back at Shandon, you get some weird instruction to set the brake, then you change cab. At the final destination the Master key Lever is missing, so you cannot complete the scenario. Please get this fixed,because I cannot complete the journey.

    Second, the speedometer HUD. The brake gauges are at the right side. They should be at the left side to be in line with all other trains.
    Second, you tried to show the throttle values in the throttle part using letters, but the font used is a seven segment LED font. This makes the text unreadable. I suggest to change this using numbers, like Bakerloo or change the HUD font (which I prefer).

    Then my suggestion. I am a bit disappointed by the paths defined for the scenario planner. Is it possible to add some depot tracks as well?
    My second suggestion is to create a starting point at the head shunt track of the heritage line and a destination just around the corner. It is then possible to place a static consist at the heritage line, which would be great.

    Otherwise, I like this route a lot and I am happy tha Rivet is developning TSW rotues!

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    Forgot something. I really would love to have at least the sound of sea gulls near Pier Head and Shanklin. This would add a lot to the atmosphere and by showing them in your artwork, it effectively is misleading advertisement
    The other point is, there is no or very little cab sway. Can we have a bit more? It makes this old stock feel more clunky like it should be.


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      Yes it is false advertisement, they promised us realistic train sounds but did we get them? No