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Gotthardbahn: Errors (to be hopefully fixed in future updates)

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  • Gotthardbahn: Errors (to be hopefully fixed in future updates)

    Dear Rivet Games-Team,

    We all know that it is a lot of work to build a route and the fitting rolling stock. Everybody makes mistakes, nobody is perfect.

    I have created this thread to unite these error messages in one place. Please use this thread only for errors that can be fixed by Rivet Games!

    First of all - I love how you have built the route, but the rolling stock has its flaws...

    At the Bt the door behind the cab opens in the false direction (I‘ve enclosed a picture how it opens correctly).

    The Re 460 should not be able to drive in the state how it is built. The PMS-brakes are always lowered! (Suggestion: always raised would have been the better option, but maybe you can animate it?)

    And, the last error for now: the Sound. It is absolutely catastrophic. I get to work everyday with a train pulled by a Re 460, and I just can not recognize a Re 460 with the ingame sound...

    I hope that those things can be fixed in a future update, I would definitively look forward to it!

    Best regards from Switzerland
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    I have to say that I love your first foray as Rivet game's. However as a constructive criticism I believe the cant hasn't been implemented as best it could have been, when one enters and exits a curve there is quite a lot of wobble and shake as it dips down, it should be fixable? in a patch potentially.
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      Hello Rivet Games Team, What I find a pity is that you are in the track Gotthard Bahn Erstfeld - Bellinzona no hectormetertafeln are as well as the original signal horn of the Re 460 is missing. An update will make many customers happy Best regards Peter from Germany


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        Hi everyone, many thanks for these comments. I can't comment on them myself, but the team will be discussing them and if there's any problems can be fixed then I'm sure they will. Best Wishes.


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          Hello, Thank you for your reply. would be really nice if this can be fixed. Wish you and your team a nice weekend. Best regards Peter


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            The team may find this very helpful concerning superelevation: github. com/macph/easement-curve


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              As I said in my presentation message, Switzerland is a country I love because of it's people, culture, and trains of course.
              I've been waiting for this addon a long time. Honestly, the quality is excellent, we have beautiful visuals (but Konstanz-Villingen is much better because of the quality of the assets), I love it. But the problem is the rolling stock : bad sounds, incomplete features. In fact, it has been a big deception. Here are the things I don't like in the rolling stock provided, and I hope Rivet will do the necessary to rectifie this.

              - Bad sounds of course :
              >> Re 460 has BR145's sounds from DTG, I just can't believe that. When I travelled to Switzerland, the first thing I did is to travel just behind the loco (because cars are empty too ). The sound this loco is making is interesting, especially with the renovated ones. But with the Rivet version, I've been hoping for realistic sounds, not recycled sounds. In addition, when I used the electric brake, I heard a noise which I never heard before. Then I've remembered the TGV Duplex so I went opening the sound file and I was stunned : TGV's motor sound (from DTG) has been used !! I didn't expect this, and I can't understand why such a mistake has been made.

              >> SBB cars : they are using TTB sounds, which are better than the Re 460 sounds but no exceptional. But the thing is those car are very quite, and in TS, we have the impression that we are running with openened doors and no windows. In addition, in tunnels, the sound is louder, which is very unpleasant. I've recorded some sounds when I was Switzerland, I think I will use them.

              >> And finally : buttons and switches in cab. This is a part which could seem unimportant, but it isn't. Old Kuju's/RSC sounds has been used, which are unrealistic, I don't have the impression of pressing something honestly. The right side where the throttle is located can be moved, but it sounds like another normal switch. With a piece of this size, I expected a more "imposing" sound. ZUB's sound and rythm are not correct.

              - Functionalities :
              >> the dead man pedal has a curious way of working. If I hold the pedal during 2 minuts, there is no sound. In real life, if the driver has fallen on the pedal, I guess a sound will be displayed, then the train will make an emergency stop because no reaction has been made.

              >> When arriving at a station, I can't unlock/lock doors, which seems weird as this is an important part of a train.

              >> Circuit breaker : none ! The dedicated switch is animated, but I only can raise the pantograph, which is not realistic of course.

              >> ZUB warning system display : there are 2 buttons, but I can't use them. In the RWA's Railjet, I can use them (but I never understood how, and I've read the manual several time ).

              >> Throttle and brake are too slow : it takes time to put one of them at the desired position. In addition, brakes are not very realistic : SBB drivers are entering stations at high speed, but in game we can't do that because brakes are not very effective. In addition, when using the AFB, the train is slowing down very quickly.

              >> Cab is unlocked : in fact, we need a key to unlock the cab (like the TrainworX's version). I know you are working with him, it would be interesting if you take a look in functionalities Mersel has put.

              >> Single speed wiper : we can see more than one position, but we can only use one position.

              - Textures :
              >> only 3 things to say : firstly the 460's and IC Bt's faces are too clean. In real life, there are always some dirt. In cars : the seat's textures are bad, it seems like they has been taken with a phone. And finally, the red color of the Re 460 is a bit wrong because it's bit dark.

              - Lights :
              >> red lights are making a reflection on the ground, which is of course unrealistic. In addition, I see red reflexion of signals when I pass them.

              - Suggestion :
              >> you have made the choice to create the renovated Re 460 (we can recognize it with the 3D SBB logo). It will be interessant to remove this logo to have the original Re 460. Firstly, it will mean that the community will be able to make repaints (Rail 2000, VLSF, Coop etc..). Renovated Re 460 don't have any other liveries in real life yet. Second : we could have another version of the converter, which is making a different noice.

              Please note that with this critic, I don't to be rude, I just want to have realistic content in Train Simulator.

              Thanks for reading this !
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              • Nemo
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                Thanks for the link, the video is very interessant. But concerning my question, it doesn't give me any answer : if the driver fall and press the pedal without releasing it, what happen ? In France, after 55 seconds, an alarm is heard, and if there is no reaction, the train makes an emergency stop.

                Also I forgot to talk about 2 things :

                - Quick Drive : 3 times, I've seen yellow signals, because my train has been deflected for no reason. For exemple, at Göschenen, instead of stopping at the central platform, I've stopped at the small platform to the left.

                - 3D error : I've started edit cars sounds (tested on Ruhr-Sieg Line because load is faster), and I've seen a hole between the gasket and the wall.


              • matteomo
                matteomo commented
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                I should have expressed better: there’s an alarm only when the train driver doesn't do any action on the train for a certain time (throttle, brakes, dead man pedal as well, ...). So, if the driver falls on the dead man pedal, there would be anyway an alarm after some time because of the lack of action, and if he doesn’t answer releasing the pedal or moving the controls an emergency braking is activated.

              • Nemo
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                I understand, thanks for your explanation !
                It would more interessant, and of course, more realistic to complete this system in the game.

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              I want to express my opinion too.
              Here I show some of the problematics I've seen into the route, triyng to evidence in particular the things that haven't been already noticed:

              - Sound: I don't want to repeat all the things that have been said, I agree with the people complaining for some of the sound "recycled" from other DTG locos

              -Speed limiter: When the limiter is on, the effective speed of the train is 2-3 Km/h under the limit, in the reality the speed is 0-1 Km/h under the limit, you can clearly see it from this video:

              -Some enviromental lacks: Generally the environment is very good, but there are few distinctive things missing; the Officine in Bellinzona right below the station, the Valascia ice rink and the airport (replaced by some roads put beside) in Ambrì-Piotta. Another small fallacy is the portal of the GBT tunnel, the entries should be like this (the picture is from the North portal but they're equal).

              Click image for larger version  Name:	AlpTransit_NEAT_-_Ostportal_-_Baustelle_Erstfeld_UR_(21576294544).jpg Views:	38 Size:	228.6 KB ID:	272

              -Integra Signum sound: The sound made by the warning system isn't correct (you can see it on the video above at 18:30).

              -AI traffic: In this route, the lack of rolling stock has a huge negative impact. On the RhB routes traffic there's less traffic, and on certain routes (like the Arosa Line) the rolling stock is not wide (in fact there is only one vehicle for the whole route operations). I would have expected more traffic on the scenarios (in particular freight trains), travelling and in the stations, but in general there's really the need of some additional rolling stock to make even only visually the travel more interesting. RABe 524 TiLo would be really an important and nice addition. At the moment I think that this aspect is (with the sound) the most problematic of the product. But I'm confident that future rolling stock expansion can solve the problems (as well as coming the TrainworX bundle, but he can not solve the whole problem alone).

              -Some signalling issues: I've encountered some bizarre signaling during my trips, in particolar with this signal: Click image for larger version  Name:	Opera Views:	36 Size:	9.2 KB ID:	273
              I've found this often not only when the next signal was already clear, but also in situation where the braking distance was enough confortable to avoid to show the signal (in fact, I think that's very rare to see in the whole Ticino).

              -Scenarios issues: In the scenery Bellinzona-Bodio with a freight service the speeds displayed on the HUD are the ones of the passengers trains.

              -Stop markers by lenght: These important markers are present in almost every station in the reality, but in the game I haven't seen them.
              Click image for larger version  Name:	Cattura.PNG Views:	0 Size:	8.5 KB ID:	285

              -Stop signs before stations: In reality, the driver can see on the line some signs that remberer him that there will be a station in the space of a braking distance. These signs are absent in the game.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	Cattura H.PNG Views:	0 Size:	10.5 KB ID:	286

              Overall, I rate positively the addon (I would rate it 7.5/10 or better, because we're in Switzerland, 4.75/6), but my opinion it can not but ameliorate with the necessary updates and expansions.
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                Hello.I found something small but as a real driver it annoys me!!!!
                In this video you can notice something strange at 3:43:07. The automatic object* for switching the tracks is missing

                Click image for larger version

Name:	automatic-switch-mechanism-railway-junction-126573301.jpg
Views:	337
Size:	42.3 KB
ID:	279


                • JLChauvin
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                  My be because those switches are out of service, the base tunnel being not already in service?

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                I have a few suggestions for the Quick Drive scenarios.

                Driving a Quick Drive scenario especially from south to north is kind of weird because the train must side in Göschenen (track 1 (which is quite short for passenger trains) instead of 2) and Gurtnellen (where no passenger service is provided since 1994, in the QD you switch to track 1 instead of running through track 2).

                Freight trains usually start in Erstfeld and end in Bellinzona S. Paolo instead of Bellinzona passenger station. Same goes for the opposite direction.
                They mostly run straight without siding at any station.

                Exception is when a locomotive is added at the end of a train to help push between Erstfeld and Göschenen. Then the train enters a siding in Göschenen and the locomotive at the back will be uncoupled.
                I'm not sure about south to north but I think pushing service is provided between Bellinzona and Airolo.

                Before the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel, InterCities also run through every station without entering any siding.

                I hope you can change the QDs and add start and end points in Bellinzona S. Paolo.


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                  Hi all, we don’t have an update for you yet, but just wanted to acknowledge the new reports - we appreciate the time taken to write things up. I’m not sure yet what we can and can’t address, as some of the issues are restrictions of TS19 itself, but the team will do what they can, and I’ll report back ASAP as there’s anything to report.

                  Many thanks for your patience.



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                    Hi, there isn't an update available just yet, but we've posted details of what we're hoping it'll include over on this thread:

                    Best Wishes.