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RABe 523 Door Crash

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    I'm glad you're asking!

    Just had a chat with the developers this morning. We're pretty sure we found it (at least the crash is gone on our PCs), but it needs to go trough Dovetails QA, so it will take a few weeks until we know for sure and the update is rolled out.



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      Thanks for your response !

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    We published an update last week, the problem with the game crashing when opening the doors is now fixed. Steam will download and install the update automatically, there's nothing you have to do.
    Thanks for your patience!

    Please let us know if you have any feedback for us!


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      After driving a full service on the Konstanz - Villingen route, I can indeed confirm that the crash has been fixed!

      However, there's one other thing that still bothers me. The doors do not open or close when you're in passenger mode. (In other words, when loading passengers, the doors are still closed when you press "5" but they're suddenly open when you press "8".) Trains such as the DB BR 425 from TSG and the Stadler GTW from ChrisTrains have already proven that it's not impossible to implement because of game limitations. This is not an issue that happens on one specific route or scenario.

      I'd really appreciate it if this could be fixed, as it takes away from the realism.