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Lake Costance : Stops on request

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  • Lake Costance : Stops on request

    Hi.I bought the Lake Costance route days ago, since I finished the scenarios in the route I wanted to create some with the editor, but once the scenario was created and started, the stops on demand are not activated. I wanted to ask if there is a process to be done in the editor to allow the random activation of the stops on demand as in the official scenarios.

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    Did you placed the triggers for the stop on demand correctly with the little arrow in the direction of travel?
    Or can't you even place them at all?


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      i think this will help , from 5:20 how to set up the marker


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        Quite a good tutorial, but a little bit to complicated. Let me explain why:

        - He's placing both markers, that is only necessary if you want the stop request in your train and at the station. You could easily set only one trigger.
        - You don't need to drag the small arrow all the way to the station. Just place it wherever you want the stop request to be "pressed" and make sure, that the arrow is pointing in your direction of travel. That's it.

        Let me know if there are other questions, happy to help!


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          Does it matter, where to set up this marker, at the station, or let's say at 1 km approach distance ?


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            No, it doesn't matter at which distance you set up these markers. I would recommend setting them like around 1,5km away from the station, but keep in mind that people on the train don't wait until you reached the 1,5 km until they press the stop button, so keep varying the distance to make it more realistic.