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Leeds to York (via crossgates)

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  • Leeds to York (via crossgates)

    Hello! This is my first suggestion on the rivet forums and today I will be suggesting the Leeds to York route!
    This route is around 25 miles long and operators which you'll find on the route are crosscountry, trans-pennine express and Northern.
    The top speed of this route is 100mph which is achieved between Church Fenton and The approach to York.
    Click image for larger version

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ID:	9389<-Here's the route map​
    The route will have 8 stations which are:

    Cross gates


    East Garforth


    Church Fenton

    Ulleskelf, get to zoom past at 100mph (no services on this route will stop here, maybe in a scenario you could)


    Click image for larger version

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ID:	9390here's neville hill TMD where the northern trains are stored. Unfortunately the trains I am suggesting on this route won't have any services going to the depot. The 195s are stored at newton heath depot.
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ID:	9393​York siemens transit systems depot, the 185s will be stored here

    for this route I'll be suggesting the two trains which are the most common on this route
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ID:	9391Northern class 195/1 Civity
    Click image for larger version

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ID:	9392​Trans-pennine express Class 185 desiro​
    Class 195:
    Leeds to York services:
    Blackpool North to York- 1tph from 7:29 to 23:26 (Leeds to York (first and last couple) calling at Cross Gates, Garforth, East Garforth, MIcklefield and Church fenton and the majority calling at Garforth and Church Fenton)
    Leeds to York- 1tph from 5:20 to 21:16 calling at Cross gates, Garforth, East Garforth and Micklefield
    York to Leeds services:
    York to Blackpool North- 1tph from 5:19 to 21:23, first few call at Church fenton, Micklefield, East Garforth, Garforth and Crossgates, the majority will call at church fenton and Garforth.
    York to Leeds- 1tph from 7:07 to 23:14 calling at Micklefield, East Garforth, Garforth and Cross gates
    Class 185

    All tpe services are Leeds to York/york to Leeds non-stop
    Leeds to York- the services every hour are quite mixed so in total there are 18 services
    York to Leeds- there are 17 services doing this.
    York to Siemens transit system depot- 6 services
    STSD to York- 7 services

    layers/AI services

    From mml, a emt hst can be stationary ai in neville hill depot.
    Also from mml, the 158 can be reliveried to a Northern one and will do Hull to Halifax services.

    Railtours can be made for ntp owners, York to Leeds on a 47/45/40/37 calling at Garforth.
    LMS Jubliee (from wcss or just sos) tour from Leeds to York calling at church fenton.

    Why this route?

    We haven't had a Yorkshire route for a long time and not one modern, so it would be brilliant to have this dlc included in TSW3
    Thanks for reading

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    An 82 or 91 or even an 800 would be nice.


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      Originally posted by TFT6439 View Post
      An 82 or 91 or even an 800 would be nice.
      They would be very nice but they don't operate services from Leeds to York (Leeds to York is currently half electrified anyway)
      The only services they would do will be neville hill to Leeds and I think a couple times a day an 800 goes from Leeds through this line onto the ecml near sherburn-in-elmet
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