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  • Additional Railtour Services

    Now don't get me wrong we have lots of Railtour services however there is a couple of new ones I would make. What I will do is rank them with what routes have railtours starting with Southeastern High-Speed:
    The Kentish Explorer - LMS Jubilee (Dartford - Faversham)
    The Old Days - Class 43 (4 Mk3s) St Pancras Intl - Faversham

    East Coastway:

    The Southern Adventurer - LMS Jubilee + Class 47 (Lewes - Eastbourne) (Similar To The Railtour that happened a few months back with 44871)

    ScotRail Edinburgh - Glasgow:
    (Yup we now have multiple locos to select for one tour lol)
    Scottish Sightseeing - LMS Jubilee/Class 47/Class 52/Class 37 (Both Varients)/Class 40. (Edinburgh - Glasgow)

    Brighton Mainline (London - Brighton)

    Train To The Sea - LMS Jubilee + Class 47 (London - Brighton)

    Midland Mainline (Derby - Nottingham & Leicester)

    Midland Master - LMS Jubilee + Class 47 (Derby - Leicester)

    And that is just about all I can think of. Let's hope these will get added in the future.

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    Originally posted by TFT6439 View Post
    Brighton Mainline (London - Brighton)

    Train To The Sea - LMS Jubilee + Class 47 (London - Brighton)
    I think Brighton mainline has too many services at the moment making the route very laggy. It's a nice idea but bml needs to be improved lagg wise before anything else can be added to it.


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      Apart from that it's a great idea!


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        It's sad in all fairness to see some routes get railtours but others get left out. Like GWE & BML & stuff. Although yes I agree BML does have 1,000 too many services.


        • Nathan
          Nathan commented
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          Yea. I mean. It would be nice to have some more stuff for GWE. That thing is literally years old and has been practically untouched by the Devs.

        • TFT6439
          TFT6439 commented
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          Heck they haven't even added the 43 don't even mention the 166 for livery designer and but give the 66 5 versions of the same livery :/

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        Interesting suggestion, thanks for sharing!

        I agree, there can't be too many railtour services... ^^