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No automaticly turning Switches & Selectors on a locomotive:

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  • No automaticly turning Switches & Selectors on a locomotive:

    I know you guys ment to help with the automaticly turning Brake selector on your WCL Class 37. For people with no knowledge in brake systems, this is maybe step less to do when using the loco the first time, but i feel my self annoyed by automaticly moving switches. Its not just immersion braking, also when doing shunting procedures a real annoyance. Also be aware your loco might be used on other routes any time.

    Your very nice class 37 is not always the main attraction on my consist, could be possible there are 3x 37s on the back of a train on its way to the scrapline. The 37 features Dual brake systems, exhausters, compressors, traction cutout, and many other features. In TSW with every Dual locomotive the player has to check anyway if he is connecting a vacuum or air braked consist.

    Here an example of simulating a ROG rescuening scenario:
    It was fun, except the frustrating automaticly turning brake selector going to goods air / VAC when coupling / uncoupling.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	TSW3_Meridian_1678118973_00.png
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	TSW3_Meridian_1678119767_00.png
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    Other conist, 5x locomotives powered by 2x cl 37 thrashing out of wembley central (Same annoyance with the brake selectors constantly changing positions when building the consist):

    Click image for larger version

Name:	TSW3_Meridian_1678232251_00.png
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	TSW3_Meridian_1678231994_00.png
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    Please Rivet, this is a Simulation, not call of duty, so a Huge Red Flag & NoGo from my side at this point. Im sure creating one A4 Page as a small guide for using the Air & Vac brakes is made faster than programming this entire thing.

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    Here a Pic of what i mean in detail, tsw is just so massive now with all its content. So each player has his own preference to use the rolling stock, thats why switches should be set ouf of players actions, and not making weird automatic movements when coupling. Many BR diesels got converted with the DUAL brake system, so maybe DTG could implement a tickbox into the option menu for the ones just wish to couple and go.

    Maybe Rivet could patch this to the standard of the original Cl.37. (This kiddie mode was introduced with WCL, so im sure an update can fix this).

    BSS: 4 Position selector on the bottom left side (black square)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	TSW3_Meridian_1678301094_00.png
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Size:	2.76 MB
ID:	9179


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      Just saw the patch notes, thanks a lot to Rivet for listening. Keep up the good work.


      • AmScot01324_Rivet
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        We do take on board all the comments and feedback, so thank YOU as well. When we say community, we do mean it.

      • Nathan
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        That's really good to hear AmScot01324_Rivet

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        Ah sorry, I wanted to post this in here too, thanks for having a look for yourselves! 😅