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The Glasgow Southwestern Line|Glasgow to Girvan via Kilmarnock & Ayr

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  • The Glasgow Southwestern Line|Glasgow to Girvan via Kilmarnock & Ayr

    Today I am suggesting the Glasgow Southwestern Line. My Local line (although I'm not sure whether I'm closer to Irvine or Kilmarnock).

    The route is 49 Miles. The full run of the route is 1 hour 45 mins. And it's very scenic and runs along the Ayshire Coast Line.

    Trains that Feture on this route are:

    The Class 156 β€œSuper Sprinter” Best DMU Ever!😍

    Class 380 β€œDesiro” My all time favourite train!
    ​​​​​​I am always on these trains so it would be great if the sounds were completely accurate and it has all the fetures below.

    Some of the Key stations are:

    Glasgow Central
    One of the biggest and busiest stations in Scotland. This is an amazing Historical station in the center of the city Glasgow. It serves all the south routes in Scotland and some of the East route towards Edinburgh.

    Kilmarock This is my Local station and sits in the center of town in Kilmarnock. From here ScotRail operates services to Glasgow, Girvan, Ayr, Stranraer, Carlisle and Newcastle.

    The terminal station on the Ayshire Coast mainline. This station serves Class 380's, Class 156's and the occasional freight service.


    The seaside town of Girvan is a terminal station on this route but not all trains finish here. Some stop here and continue onto Stranraer. It's a very nice town and I highly recommend visiting.

    Working Anouncements
    Working Train FX Pannel
    Working GSMR
    Realistic Sounds
    Working Gaurds Pannels
    Smart P.I.S

    Future DLC in mind for an Extension to East Kilbride and/or Stranraer. Or an Extension for the full Ayshire Coast Mainline from Ayr to Glasgow.

    The Class 380 would only have a driveable service between Troon and Ayr and a service from Ayr to Ayr depot/sidings.

    The Class 156 Operates from Glasgow to Kilmarnock.
    From Kilmarnock to Carlisle (non driveable)
    From Kilmarnock to Newcastle (non driveable)
    From Kilmarnock to Ayr (Drivable)
    From Kilmarnock to Girvan (Drivable)
    From Kilmarnock to Stranraer (Drivable only as far as Girvan)
    From Kilmarnock to Glasgow (Drivable)


    Thanks for reading my suggestion.
    I really hope to see this in the game as it is my local route and please let me know your thoughts below.

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    Another good suggestion Nathan I really like your enthusiasm. This would make a beautiful route and I love the journey all the way down to Stranraer. I've added it to our database, cheers.


    • Nathan
      Nathan commented
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      Also, the journey to Stranraer is beautiful! I would love to see that recreated as well. Would make a fantastic addition to TSW I think! πŸ™‚

    • TFT6439
      TFT6439 commented
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      Nathan Good idea! I think the 156 will 100% get added one day as it operates the Midland Mainline along side the 158s 222s etc.

    • Nathan
      Nathan commented
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      Yea! I hope so! I'm on those train very frequently!