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  • Route Suggestion: Italy Cinque terre

    first of all, thank you. Asking a possible audience which product you would like to find on the shelf is not for everyone. Well I'm here to give you my advice. Personally I live in the city of La Spezia in Italy. From here the famous park of the 5 terre starts, one of the most visited places on the planet. The railway that crosses it is part of the Genoa-La Spezia line. Here we call it Tirrenica as it serves the coast that overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is one of the main routes of the busy country, both for passenger traffic and freight traffic. The port of La Spezia is one of the most important ports of Italy as well as that of Genoa. For those unfamiliar with the 5 Terre you just need to look for details on google. Small colorful villages perched on cliffs overlooking the sea: Manarola, Rio Maggiore, Vernazza, Corniglia, Monterosso. Italy is one of the most neglected countries in the Train Simulator landscape, an unexplored land if we want toClick image for larger version

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    Yes, I really enjoyed the Italian routes in MSTS. be nice to see a commercial Italian route in TS.


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      Thanks Andrea, yes, that looks/sounds stunning. The team would love to do some Italian routes one day. How big/active is the Italian TrainSim scene? C.


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        Originally posted by ColinM_Rivet View Post
        Thanks Andrea, yes, that looks/sounds stunning. The team would love to do some Italian routes one day. How big/active is the Italian TrainSim scene? C.
        Thanks ColinM the Italian panorama of the train sim is still very tied to the simulation of the old Train simulator of Microsoft and very slowly it is migrating to Train Simulator 201X. The point is that among the many producers, DVG in the lead, nobody has had the courage to open up to the Italian market, which has great potential but needs to be encouraged. Just the disinterest of all towards this part of Europe has created a sort of hole. I understand that what is fun for us is work for you producers. Certainly a manufacturer would like to have a return on its own product, in fact if I were to launch myself on this market I would try to go out with something done well but not too demanding in terms of costs. Our railway (I speak of Italy) has a very complex signaling system that includes the classic visual signals to the side of the route but also a signaling system in the cabin that uses a graphic display and a series of buttons and this could have been a brake. We have a fairly active community but very bored with the lack of professional routes. Those few that are there are all produced by small individual producers as well as the rolling stock. People who have the skills to produce such complex material can be counted on the fingertips. When the Gotthardbahn News came out the whole Italian community wondered if there would be an extension to Italy and I think it could be a good test for you to extend to Bellinzona, Chiasso and Como. There would be few kilometers of Italian territory but enough to test the market response on our territory. Sorry if my speech was too long


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          I agree with Andreago, when I read the news of the gotthard bahn I was really excited to see a ruote set almost in our backyard, although I was also saddened when I found out the route ended in Bellinzona and did not cover any Italian territory.
          Honestly, I've been surprised that no italian routes have come out for trainsim. Italy has always been considered as a turistic paradise and is a vacation pace for many many people, so I think many would be interested in italian route, not only italian (probably foreigners would be interested in the panorama whilst italian would be interested in the signalling system).
          So I think the market would react positively to an italian route.

          I really really really hope that an extension to Como San Giovanni for the Gotthard bahn comes out. It will be a good test for the market response and to test Italian signalling and network on ts2019.


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            Interesting, thanks Andrea/Luisa. What are the most active Italian forums/sites and we’ll take a look at the conversations?


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              Hello everyone,
              I must say that I'm very interested in this proposal. I've only travelled few times in Italy by trains (and mostly on the high-speed lines), but I think that this route deserves attention and maybe one day I'll go there.
              The Genova-La Spezia route, section of the Genova-Pisa route could be quite viable to develop (86 Km), the unique question is the start/end point in Genova: it should be the Piazza Principe Station (the main one) or the Brignole station? In reality the end station is Porta Principe, but I think that this tract between the two station is quite complex. By the way, if it's possible making the route towards the Piazza Principe Station would be the best solution.
              I've found on internet the "official papers" of the route: they're quite a lot complex, but they're surely a very interesting resource:

              Fascicolo 74: Savona-Genova (including the Genova Piazza Principe-Genova Brignole tract)

              Fascicolo 77: Genova-La Spezia (starting from Genova Brignole)

              (These links work, but for some reasons you have to copy and paste them into the research bar of your browser, there's no direct redirection)

              And if you're looking for some explanations to the (quite complicated) Italian signalling system, there's a very explanatory website:

              All these documents are only in Italian, unfortunately for non Italian-speaking people, but they are by far the best sources.

              Anyway, it could be interesting to see one day the route on TS.
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                Originally posted by ColinM_Rivet View Post
                Interesting, thanks Andrea/Luisa. What are the most active Italian forums/sites and we’ll take a look at the conversations?
                The most active forum is definitely , even if I have to say that the most active community the feedback on the facebook group that I founded years ago and that has more than 400 subscribers, the immediacy of the social has far surpassed the forum that has longer response times, The group is called TrainsimItalia, and the topics range from international productions such as yours to individual add-ons, all that concerns the mini world of TS2019