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Cathcart Circle Line [Extension DLC] - Paisley Canal Line

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  • Cathcart Circle Line [Extension DLC] - Paisley Canal Line

    The Cathcart Circle DLC was one of my favourite Releases for this year. I dont know if Rivet was involved in scnery or the Rolling stock, but its just a real impressive peace of work. One of the reasons people like this dlc, is in my opinion the fact its a small network, not just an A to B route.

    After spending a bit time with the Signalling around Glasgow, i had following Idea for a suggestion:

    Exdending the Map with the Paisley Canal Line:

    The Line Runs between Glasgow Central & Paisley Canal, and fully electrified since 2012. The Corkerhill Depot is also located there.

    Benefits of this suggestion:

    - The Route until Dumbreck is already modeled, since its part of the Tracks, which go to the Shields Depot (Dumbreck would be right behind where the map ends now)

    - Cathcarth is already kind of a network, so Rivet could advertise them self as the "first map extension" for tsw 2. This is asked so many time from players and DTG dont put ressources in extensions.

    - The Services could be Added in the 24h Timetable mode. The train frequency i guess its about the same as for newton or neilston, but im not sure in this.

    Following Stations are part of the Line:

    - Glasgow Central
    - Dumbreck
    - Corkerhill
    - Mosspark
    - Crookston
    - Hawkhead
    - Paisley Canal

    So why i suggest to do extensions at all?:

    The Amount of Routes for TSW2 is growing, which is a good thing overall. On the other side i dont understand why to put so many Ressources into a nice scenery, just to leave it left behind without using its full potential. An extension could add more gameplay variety with less amount of work.
    In this case we can run the class 314, so no new train needs to be produced. In case recreating of the timetable is needed, they could raise the price of the dlc, which is ok.

    As strategy to get more efficient in development, i guess it would help to create the service timetable with the asumption of potential future dlcs. Thats what DTG did with the London to Brighton. If they ever gonna make a Thameslink for example, matt mentioned the Timetables were inside, just not active without proper rolling stock.

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    Here the 2 Pictures got deleted for some reason at the initial Post:

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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      Meridian I can agree why this would be a good extension and not just because it's here at home for us in Scotland
      I've added your suggestion to our database for consideration, thank you.