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    Bakerloo Line Combined Timetable

    Now this may sound weird but hear me out. So there are two timetables on the Bakerloo line, one with the 72 stock and one with the 38 stock. I think there should also be a third timetable that has both trains running. It would be cool to do rail tours/heritage unit runs in the 38 stock while being in the sea of modern equipment. This would give off the feel that the senarios give where you drive the 38 stock with ai 72 stock trains. It would also add variety to the route. I think the main reason this didn’t happen is because the timetable would probably have to be completely rewritten. But a loophole around this is to just use the 78 timetable, but have the 38 stock substitute in. I’m also posing this suggestion in the DTG Forums since they made the route
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    I’ve noticed on the 1938 tube stock that the destination panel doesn’t use the new PIS system (it doesn’t display destinations for different routes) I’m not sure if this is because the destination won’t fit or if it was too hard to incorporate. But it would be cool to see it updated


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      Hi and thanks for the feedback on the 38 Stock!

      I really love the idea of having the 38 and 72 Stock together in one timetable. But unfortunately, substituting the 72 Stock with the 1938 Stock doesn't work, because the 38 Stock has a completely different acceleration and brake behaviour. That would mean that it's impossible to keep up with that timetable.

      I'll have a look at the destination boards though, thanks!



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        Thanks for looking into that


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          I somehow messed up merging two posts together from Meridian , here they are:

          Yes this has mentioned before and i see the point of the 2 different tube stocks affecting timetables.

          So here a possible solution :

          There are many unused tubestocks at each of both depots.
          so instead of affecting the 72 stock timetable rivet could add 1 tubestock at stonebridge park and make a "midnight special" tour, which is eather before regular service of the 72 starts or after they end.

          i would be happy to have a seperate tour timetable with combined action, even if its just one service.

          This tour would be:

          0) Prepare the tube stock with a no passenger run at 4:00 from stonebridge park directly to london road depot (for final checks).

          The 38 stock midnight special tour service would start after the last 72 train from Elephant castle passed lambeth north. So:

          1) Down depot with crossover back to elephant castle
          2) Entire route to harrow & wealdstone calling at all stations
          3) Back to queens park calling at all stations
          4) Empty run back to stonebridge park depot

          This are basicly additional 2 layers, where we could have combined action without affecting the base timetable.

          in my opinion little effort aswell because no mess possible

          Would be nostalgic to see the parked 72 stock at queens park during this "specia tour"

          And my reply to it: Really love the idea, thanks a lot! Will forward it to our devs, let's see what they think.