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West Coast Mainline: London Euston - Birmingham New Street 1970s

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  • West Coast Mainline: London Euston - Birmingham New Street 1970s

    Hi this is my first post here on Rivet Games forums, To Start I Posted this Suggestion back on DTG Forums and thought it might be a Good idea to post it here as well,

    Spanning 118.6 Miles, and a lot of Stations Between London Euston and Birmingham New Street, The
    West Coast Mainline: London Euston - Birmingham New Street: 1970s
    Would be a Great Route to Introduce old British Electrics, I would do a Modern version but its been requested a lot more then a dead horse is beat, so I did a back in the Day version.

    Passenger, thats mainly it, there could be freight but tbh I Couldnt find info on what freight there could be, if you know any plausible freight just pop a comment and I may add it, at Most Container Trains like in Modern day if they would fit.

    Whats a route without locos? well lets start with the
    Class 86:
    With Exactly 100 Built, and 5 Classes of Development, these units Operate both Passenger and Freight Up and Down the WCML, heck some are still in service today, but most are in storage from what I Read, even weirder most of the units built were scrapped in the early 2000s that should give you an idea how reliable these units must have been.

    Class 87:
    My Second choice for this route, the Class 87 is a Direct Development on the Class 86, Once again Operating Passenger and Freight trains, in Comparison to the Class 86 the Class 87s sport 1,400 more HP, MU Equipment (replaced in the 80s by TDM MU), 2 front windows and no Headcode Box, oh and a Top speed of 110 MPH instead of 100.

    Class 310:
    The 310s are 4 car EMUs and my choice for Local Services, these units are unique in being the First Multiple units to have Disc Brakes, aand being the First MK2 Derive Multiple Units, unfortunately non Survive, how ever pictures exist, and other Similar EMUs can be used as a Reference to Make this so im suggesting it as apart of this route.

    I Usually only go Over passenger stock, that's the Same here so lets go to
    Passenger Stock:

    The MK2s where Introduced on the WCML on Completion of the Electrification, I Have chose Some MK2 Versions not yet in TSW2 And I will go over them,
    The FO is a Open First Coach meaning its not Compartment Stock,
    The TSO is a Tourist Open Second, and is as Advertised, we seen it before I Know.
    The BSO is a Open Brake Second, we too have seen this in the Form of a MK1.
    The BFK is a Corridor Brake First, it IS Compartment stock but as a Brake coach, yea two brake coaches, I know, but i think the BFK could Complement the BSO Nicely.
    Of course these can be Complemented by the FK from NTP and DL and Other versions of the TSO.

    BR MK1 TSO, BSO:
    You may argue how realistic it is to have a MK1 on this route IN this time period, but I Added it only to Complement the MK2s, Mixed coaching stocks of MK1 and 2 are not new and we have seen it before in NTP and DL with the MK1 BG Being the brakes coach on rakes of MK2s, beside its the TSO and BSO, they can modify the WSR Version for this, if they do I want to the Dual Brakes added, thats mainly it to allow a Layer ill go over in a Bit, Basically these versions can randomly appear in place of there MK2 Version
    Of course these are Complemented by the BG On NTP and DL.


    NTP Can bring the Class 40,45,and 47 for Much needed Diesel services, along side the Addition of the MK2 FK which can substitute in place of the FO, and its TSO can also Layer in similarly for Livery Purposes, The MK1 BG can Layer in to Substitute in place of the BSO and BFK, Box Van and Perhaps Oil services may come as well, along with shunting thanks to the 08

    DL Has a Similar story with its Coaches and thats about it, the 08 from this route can also layer in.

    TVL Can bring the Class 31 with a Few Cement services, the Class 101 from this route can also possibly do a few of its Own Services, from what I Know DMU Services were not exactly out of the question at this period of time, this routes 08 can also layer in.

    The New 1938 stock can be seen as an AI Layer passing where ever that one station connects to the WCML I forget what its called

    This Routes Coaches can Layer out, to be Specific,
    The MK2 FO and BFK Can layer out and Substitute in place of the FK on NTP and DL,
    The MK1/2 TSO and BSO can Layer out and Substitute in place of the TSO and BG on NTP and DL,

    I added the Idea of adding Dual Brake to the MK1s, this is for the idea of the new Blue MK1 TSO and BSO to Rarely Substitute in place of the WSR Painted MK1s on WSR.

    a Modern WCML or other 25kv AC overhead Electrified routes can allow the Class 86/87 to Layer out for Freight trains, and Possible Railtour use.

    The Other 5 Electrics:
    This is in Essence a Loco Pack adding the Class 81 - 85, yea 5 whole locos! aint that too good to true!
    cant really sell them separate due to most of the Classes having just 10 built, and being so Similar looking, I grouped them together!

    A Modern Timetable:
    Now follow my Instructions CAREFULLY, if you scroll all the way up and look under your Profile name in the top right there is a a little words that says "search" click it and type West Coast Mainline, Click enter and there you go a Modern timetable in the Thousands.
    WARNING: This joke only works on DTG Forums.

    Teh End:
    and thats its, it was nice to make another Route suggestion for once, I Think i did nicely, any thing I Should add? just pop a comment, these are for Discussion after all, ill see you some other time.Spanning 118.6 Miles, and a lot of Stations Between London Euston and Birmingham New Street, The

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    Originally posted by FinnTD View Post
    Hi this is my first post here on Rivet Games forums, To Start I Posted this Suggestion back on DTG Forums and thought it might be a Good idea to post it here as well,

    Spanning 118.6 Miles,[...]
    Love this idea, especially the Class 81-85 five locomotive pack as dlc.
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      Hi FinnTD, welcome to the Rivet Forums, we hope you'll have a good time in here!
      Thank you a lot for the suggestion you've handed in: it seems definitely an interesting proposal and potentially viable to put in a simulator in the future. We will add your idea to the list of suggestions that we'll consider when deciding what to do next...