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Lötschberg railway with extension to Briga- Domodossola

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  • Lötschberg railway with extension to Briga- Domodossola

    The Lötschberg railway is an important Swiss railway line, which connects the Bernese Oberland to the Valais crossing the Lötschberg massif.
    The main work of the line is the Lötschberg tunnel, almost 15 km long, which forms one of the three largest Swiss railway tunnels with the Gotthard and Simplon. The Lötschberg line, together with the Simplon line of which it is the extension, represents one of the two Swiss transalpine railway connections with the Gotthard railway.
    Since 2007, much of the traffic involving the pass has been diverted through the new Lötschberg base tunnel.
    One of the things that makes this border section interesting is the passage of the so-called " autostrada viaggiante "
    the service includes special low-floor SaadKms wagons also called Ro.La from the company that provides the service and normally limited to 100Kmh on which the trucks complete with trailer or semi-trailer rise from a special ramp and one by one position themselves on each wagon to fill the train. The drivers then take their seats in a special carriage equipped with beds and food service for the duration of the trip.
    this service is rapidly expanding thanks also to the traffic limitations that the surrounding countries apply to reduce CO2 emissions, road traffic and consequently road accidents. The drivers, on their part, can rest and recover important hours of sleep, also subject to limitations on the total driving hours.
    The railway section of the Railway_of_Lötschberg provides a 74 km route from Spiez to Brig, while the extension from Brig to Domodossola is 41km for a total of about 111 km.
    In the linked video you can admire the vast freight and passenger traffic that runs along the Italian-Swiss border between Domodossola and Brig near Varzo (It)

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    When you refer to the Lötschberg Line, you mean the old line or the base tunnel?
    Personally I’m a bit sceptical about the second one, because maybe driving in a 35 Km long tunnel could be a bit boring for several people...
    Anyway good suggestion.