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    Since we have multiple rhb routes in ts2021 i want make 2 suggestions for tsw 2:

    1) i really like the arosa line, so i think many players would be happy to have other sections of the rhb lines and additional rolling stock like the ge6/6i & ge6/6ii.

    2) to use the new technology of tsw2 the route sections (route addons) could be available as single parts or for players owning multiple sections they could be merged to 1 route map. So the 24h timetable is gonna be a nice thing on an entire rhb network.

    Every RhB content would be an instant buy for me.

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    Perso un peu déçu de la rhb une assez ennuyante pour moi je voulais pour le premier addon suisse un train principale comme dtg à fait avec la France avec un tgv je m’attentais plus avec une Re 460 plus les voitures et la voiture pilote mais malheureusement j’ai pas ce que je voulais en espérant que la Re 460 et les voiture et la voiture pilote viendront assez vite je suis beaucoup trop impatient pour cette addon en espérant que Rivet lira mon commentaire et prendront note


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      Xamax : in the dtg forums somebody posted a picture of the licenses from dtg. One of those was Thurbo, which is operated in the eastern part of switzerland. So far nothing is announced, but i have hope.

      Well the arosa lines has like a frequency of 2 trains per hour, so if somebody is bored, he should go for one of the rushhour routes releasing now in summer.

      Exactly thats why i made my suggestions, rivet could add more interesting route sections, which makes the entire network to a new experience. Many start in chur, so this has much potential, because people in general wish network bsased routes rather than driving just. a to b
      Rhb has plenty of rolling stock like the locos mentioned above or the allega. Also there is many classic railroadstock like a steam snowmill.

      What they started with the arosa line has so much potential in my opinion if they are gonna expand that.


      • Xamax
        Xamax commented
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        Je suis d’accord avec vous mais quand je dis que la ligne est ennuyante c’est à cause des textures comme les Montagnes à chur c’est horrible et la gare de chur y’a un quai ou le rail est raté d’ailleurs j’ai aussi vu l’image avec les licences mais J’ai écrit en Mp à Rivet et il mon répondu on disant ça regarder en dessous 👇

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      Salut Xamax,

      cette feuille n'est rien d'autre qu'une liste des licences dont Dovetail possède. Je suis désolé de vous décevoir, mais vous ne pouvez pas deviner ce qui vient de cette liste.



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        Originally posted by Xamax View Post
        Salut Xamax,

        cette feuille n'est rien d'autre qu'une liste des licences dont Dovetail possède. Je suis désolé de vous décevoir, mais vous ne pouvez pas deviner ce qui vient de cette liste.


        Let me quickly explain this: What Xamax is quoting here was a statement I send him in a private message after he asked me if Thurbo was making their way into Train Sim World 2 soon. And my response in English was:

        "Hi Xamax,
        this sheet is nothing than a list of the licenses that Dovetail has. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but you can't guess what's coming from that list.



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          Thanks for explaining jasper.

          Yes thats what i thought, in the end that picture with the licences people might confuse with announcements.

          I know rivet is busy with the cornwall route and the upcoming 38stock. If there is a small amount of time where you can discuss my suggestion, im interessted how rivet is thinking about more content of the "rhb"


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            Ok i decided to make my idea a bit more specific with the visual aspect:

            1) Map of the RhB Network as they operate in Real currently:

            Click image for larger version

Name:	RhB - Linienplan.jpg
Views:	52
Size:	701.8 KB
ID:	5337

            So right now in TSW2 we have Chur to Arosa, so the idea is to extend this route from "Chur to St.Moritz" (Connected at Chur with "Arosa Line"). From St.Moritz Rivet could extend the Network with Route Sections they already did for Ts2021 "Pontresina to Scuol" (Connected at Samedan & Bever), and "St.Moritz to Tirano" (Connected at St.Moritz & Pontresina).

            Since the timetable of RhB is far away from "Rush hour frequency like the upcoming London Commuter at Brighton for Example, the idea of a Network would combine the benefits of what we have now in tsw2. The Route Sections could be available as single Parts for people just want to drive like Chur to Arosa. For owners of multiple sections this could get merged to 1 Map with its entire network and services. In my opinion the 24h timetable mode is the most improvment from ts to tsw beside the unreal engine.

            DTG pointed out they are not interessted in extensions, which i can unsterstand because the immense amount of services, but Rivet could take this as a chance on a less frequent network to come away from simple A to B Routes.

            Few Examples about the Rolling stock (still in service):

            ABe 8/12 Allegra:

            Click image for larger version

Name:	12_allegra_20120928_1920913042.jpg
Views:	54
Size:	450.8 KB
ID:	5338

            Ge 6/6 II:

            Click image for larger version

Name:	Filisur_RhB_706.jpg
Views:	48
Size:	2.61 MB
ID:	5339

            Ge 4/4 III:

            Click image for larger version

Name:	1359167_bemo-1359-167-rhb-ge-4-4-iii-647-gruesch-elektrolokomotive-neurot-rhaetische-bahn-digital-mit-sound_7.jpg
Views:	54
Size:	53.5 KB
ID:	5340


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              Here few examples about classic RhB rolling Stock:

              Ge 6/6I:

              Click image for larger version

Name:	1200px-Trains_des_Rhétiques_410.jpg
Views:	53
Size:	273.0 KB
ID:	5342

              Steam Operated Snow Mill (For future content if steam engine core is released):

              Click image for larger version

Name:	50-jahre-blonay-chamby--1221863.jpg
Views:	46
Size:	938.8 KB
ID:	5343

              Click image for larger version

Name:	maxresdefault.jpg
Views:	47
Size:	134.7 KB
ID:	5344

              Gm 4/4 Diesel Shunter (1000mm Gauge):

              Click image for larger version

Name:	rhb-gm-44-241-422177.jpg
Views:	48
Size:	104.5 KB
ID:	5345

              Be 4/4:

              Click image for larger version

Name:	RhB_Be_4_4_2006-06-14.jpg
Views:	49
Size:	139.3 KB
ID:	5346


              • Jasper_Rivet
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                Theres some really cool stock in this that I would love to see on the Rhb network!