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    1 Introduction
    Hi, my name is Jan and I live in Slovakia. I like to play Train Sim World, but I would like to drive on some Slovak line. I have been thinking for a long time which line to choose to entertain not only me but also you who have never been interested in Slovakia. Finally, I have chosen the network of Tatra electric railways.

    2 About route
    Tatra electric railways consists of two lines, namely ZSR 183 and ZSR 184. The first line ZSR 183 runs from Poprad-Tatry to Strbske Pleso. The second line ZSR 184 runs from Stary Smokovec to Tatranska Lomnica.

    3 Basic information
    Total length: 35 km (ŽSR 183: 29 km, ŽSR 184: 6 km)
    Gauge: 1 000 mm (narrow-gauge railway)
    Power supply system: 1.5 kV DC
    Maximum slope: 6.5 % (very steep)
    Maximum speed: 60 km/h

    4 Map of the network
    Only blue lines are part of this network.
    Green line will be mentioned later.
    Click image for larger version

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    5 Rolling stock
    Nowadays only unit ZSSK 425.95 provides all the regular operations on this network. However, during special occasions also historic vehicles run on this network.

    5.1 ZSSK 425.95
    As mentioned above it is the only unit that provides all the operations on this network. Its maximum speed is 80 km/h what is unattainable due maximum speed on this network is limited to 60 km/h. On picture there are two liveries. The first unit has newer livery while second unit has the older one.
    Click image for larger version

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    5.2 CSD 420.95
    These units were used from 1967 to 2003. Then they were replaced by above-mentioned units ZSSK 425.95. Nowadays, there is just one this unit in serviceable condition. It is used during special occasions. Maximum speed of this unit was 50 km/h.

    5.3 Ganz T.E.V.D
    They were first vehicles used on this network. Later they started to use trailers to boost capacity. They were actively used from 1907 to 1967 and then they were replaced with above-mentioned units CSD 420.95. Nowadays, one vehicle with two trailers is in serviceable condition. She was named Comet. It is used during special occasions as well. Maximum speed of this vehicle was 30 km/h. It may seem slow but in past it was enough.

    5.4 ZSSK 495.95 (future?)
    ZSSK decided to buy new units due to reconstruction on the line ZSR 182. These new units are primarily focused to run on cog railway, but they can run on network of Tatra electric railways as well. Nowadays, they are just testing them.

    6 Interesting places
    6.1 Station Poprad-Tatry (672 masl)
    The station Poprad-Tatry is the beginning of entire network. An interesting feature is a special side platform built on bridge.

    6.2 Station Stary Smokovec (1 010 masl)
    The picturesque station in Stary Smokovec is a place where two lines of this network meet. (ZSR 183 and ZSR 184)
    Click image for larger version

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    6.3 Station Tatranska Lomnica (850 masl)
    Another picturesque station, Tatranska Lomnica, is eastern end of this network. It is also place where two lines meet, namely ZSR 184 and ZSR 185. The line ZSR 185 is normal gauge railway that runs from Poprad-Tatry to Plavec with branch to Tatranska Lomnica. (dark gray line on map)
    Click image for larger version

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    6.4 Station Tatranska Polianka (1 060 masl)
    Reconstructed station in Tatranska Polianka is another picturesque station on this network. I really like how they kept the original design and gave station an old-fashioned look.

    6.5 Station Vysne Hagy (1 125 masl)
    The railway station in Vysne Hagy has unique style and in my opinion, it is just beautiful. Vysne Hagy is also one of the most important spa settlements in High Tatras.

    6.6 Station Strbske Pleso (1 350 masl)
    The station in Strbske Pleso is west end of this network. It is also place where two lines meet, namely ZSR 182 and ZSR 183. Strbske Pleso is an important center of tourism and winter sports. It is also the highest tourist and medical settlement, located in High Tatras.
    Click image for larger version

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    7 Services
    Trains run every one or two hours. It depends on the volume of passengers during the day. To make it clearer, I am giving a reference to the schedule.
    ŽSR 183 Schedule
    ŽSR 184 Schedule

    8 Cabview
    Line ZSR 182/183 in winter

    Line ZSR 183 in summer

    Line ZSR 184

    9 Do you think it is too short?
    With a total length of 35 km, it is not the longest network. However, I do not think it will be too short or boring. Why? The maximum speed is only 60 km/h, but the line speed changes often. The driver must be therefore constantly alert. Also, driving time is not short:
    Poprad-Tatry - Strbske Pleso: approx. 1 hour 14 minutes
    Poprad-Tatry - Tatranska Lomnica (via Stary Smokovec): approx. 50 minutes
    Stary Smokovec - Tatranska Lomnica: approx. 16 minutes

    10 Additional suggestion
    I was mentioning line ZSR 182 quite frequently and here is the reason. The line ZSR 182 is not part of network of Tatra electric railways but I think it would be nice to have. It is a cog railway that runs from Strba to Strbske Pleso (green line on map). Cog railway is not yet in game and it will be new experience for players. The length of this railway is only 5 km, but it overcomes slope of 15 %. The journey takes 18 minutes and maximum speed is only 17 km/h.

    Due to reconstruction work that happens on this railway the parameters may change. Until recently, ZSSK 405.95 units was running on this railway. After reconstruction they will be replaced with brand new units ZSSK 495.95 mentioned above. I am also giving a reference to the schedule: ŽSR 182 Schedule

    11 Safety Systems
    Vigilance button and radio communication is used to ensure safe operation on this network.

    I have spent several hours of writing and translating this article. I would like to thank you for reading this suggestion. Please comment on what you think about this suggestion. I had to remove some of the images because of restrictions on this forum so I also post this suggestion to official Dovetail forum with all the images, link here.

    ZSR – manager of railway infrastructure in Slovakia
    ZSSK – national carrier in Slovakia
    CSD – national carrier and manager of railway infrastructure in past in Czechoslovakia
    masl – meters above sea level

  • #2
    Wow! This is just beautiful! The little trains, the stations, the scenery, everything! This would be a great route network to have in TSW2!
    And even though 17 km/h is not the fastest, the cog wheel route should also be included for a whole new experience in the game.
    I really support your suggestion, and I think many others will do after reading this!


    • #3
      WOW FabkeSK THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL SUGGESTION! And I agree, the cog wheel route should also be included. You have put forth a very excellent proposal and I will make sure the team are aware. We do love community suggestions and this is definitely one needing consideration!


      • #4
        WOW! This looks like the Slovakian version of the RhB!

        Absolutely stunning, would love to see this in Train Sim World - added to our list for sure (as AmScot01324_Rivet already said!)