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Tel Aviv-Jerusalem High Speed Route for Train Simulator 20XX

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  • Tel Aviv-Jerusalem High Speed Route for Train Simulator 20XX


    Thinking about something different, something unique yey somehow pretty familiar? Think no further! This route would be a perfect future DLC candidate for Train Simulator 2021, it has everything one would expect from a decent passenger route.

    The line was under construction from 2001 and there were quite a few challenges and obstacles to overcome until the full length opened on the 21st of December, 2019, although it was already in operation but only partially open before.

    Currently, it runs from Tel Aviv's Savidor Central station via Ben Gurion International Airport all the way to the underground Navon station in Jerusalem, 80 meters below ground level, making it one of the deepest train stations in the world.

    The route also features the longest bridge in Israel, being 1.25 km long as well as the highest bridge in the country, being 90 m, and the longest tunnel, which 11.6 km long.

    End to end journey time is about 55 minutes on the currently operating section, shaving journey times between the two cities by more than 40 minutes. Trains are running at speeds of up to160 km/h under numerous tunnels and bridges and other cool engineering features. The wonderful Mediterranean scenery makes for a very spectacular journey.

    The double-decker coaches are very familiar to those interested in German railways and the Bombardier Traxx P160 AC3 is no stranger either. The whole railroad has a very European feel, and due to it being relatively short and packed with several tunnels, it would make for a very nice addon, one that can be easily developed, perfectly fitting into Dovetail's ever-shrinking route length envelope. Thinking of development, there is also needless to separately create snowy winter assets as it is not too common in Israel. Therefore, a significant amount of time and effort could be spent elsewhere, making it a cost-efficient route to develop.

    Trains, shortly after departing Jerusalem bound for Tel Aviv, run in a tunnel under the occupied West Bank territory near the town of Beir Surik.

    The modelled route in Train Simulator could also include the Modi'in branch which includes Pa'atei and Modi'in Center stations of which the latter is also underground.

    Overall, this would be a truly incredible addon product, something never seen before in Train Simulator, bringing us a very young railroad in a very young country, one with a nice European touch due to its rolling stock and train protection system and overall feel to it.

    It is certainly a standard gauge line (1435 mm) and is protected by the familiar PZB/Indusi system (to be replaced by ERTMS GSM-R/ETCS L2). The line is electrified by single-phase 25 kV 50 Hz AC OCS.

    Please review this as a possible future DLC and consider bringing the Holy Land with its awesome new railroad to Train Simulator 2021 so that we can experience what it takes to shuttle our Bombardier Traxx hauled (or pushed!) double-decker consist between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

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    ItayLevy10102001 WOW I don't know how feasible this would be, but it is pretty amazing! We go onsite and survey our routes prior to building them and with the pandemic, we aren't travelling at all. Thank you for sharing this beautiful railroad with us.