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  • Railway Vigezzina Centovalli

    Another railway that deserves to be reproduced on our favorite simulator could be the Vigezzina Centovalli Railway. Inaugurated in 1923, this narrow gauge railway links the cities of Domodossola (Italy) with the city of Locarno (Switzerland) crossing the Italian Vigezzo valley and the Centovalli Switzerland in a real naturalistic path of excellence. The railway goes up to 800 Meters above sea level. I traveled by train as a boy with my family and I can assure you that his journey is breathtaking. The railway runs mostly along a steep slope on the mountain ridges, it seems to fall from one moment to the other, and instead, as a surprise, it plunges into the mountain in small tunnels that connect one ridge to another. In the FS railway station of Domodossola a long pedestrian tunnel leads to a small station with a small maneuvering station. From that station the Vigezzina Railway departs, 52 kilometers, 83 bridges, 31 tunnels in about two hours of real show, you will be in Locarno near the SBB station, passing by the Italy / Switzerland border, a railway that has served 1.5 million passengers
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    I'd love this one too in the game!
    The landscape is absolutely stunnig, my unique concern is about the real entertainment the route could offer, because the speed is quite slow and there aren't a lot of services (and they are almost all passengers services).


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      Actually, I think that there are still some sporadic freight services but certainly very little stuff. It was a panoramic route and you can enjoy the scenery, the trains don't go very slow but they certainly don't reach fast speed. However, it might be an idea attached to the expansion of the gotthardbahn to Locarno!