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RhB ABe 8/12 Allegra and Panoramic Wagon on Arosa Line

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  • RhB ABe 8/12 Allegra and Panoramic Wagon on Arosa Line

    I have a suggestion for DLC to the Arosa Line of TSW2, I think that a future DLC with the RhB ABe 8/12 Allegra with the Panoramic Wagon will be very nice DLC to enjoy much further the fantastic and amazing Arosa Line on TSW2.

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    That would be really cool, I do like the Allegra and it would be perfect to have it on Arosa Linie


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      The Allegra with a separate timetable would be really nice, but the panoramic coaches do not belong on the Arosa Line. They very very rarely go there. I know of 2-3 times in all. The Allegra could be combined with the new cab-cars and the "Bärenland"-Coaches.

      Another nice DLC would be the blue Arosa-Express-coaches (with the cab car) but for those, we would also need the real base cars, not just a repaint of the ones we get now.


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        Surely interesting suggestions that would be super additions in the future...


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          That’s really interesting, I don’t know that the Panoramic cars don’t go almost on Arosa Line


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            The Allegra would be great, just because it's such a famous and good-looking train! Thanks for the suggestion, even though I can't say, that we didn't had the thought about creating the Allegra before.

            But, nothing planned or in progress right now!


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              At the moment are doing the Arosa line for Train Sim World 2 it would be really great if you also do the RHB Allegra 8/12.


              • Jasper_Rivet
                Jasper_Rivet commented
                Editing a comment
                Since we already had a topic suggestion the RhB Allegra, I moved your suggestion into here!
                Still agree, having the Allegra would be cool. We heard you and we're thinking about adding it, but we can't promise anything yet!

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              Hello Jasper, thanks to all the team to have in mind the proposal of the Panoramic Wagon!


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                Panoramic coaches still do not belong on the Arosa Line. They online ran like 3 times on this line. They would be far better of on a future Albula or Bernina-DLC (for the Bernina Express-panormamic coaches) or Albula or Surselva-DLC (for the Glacier Express-panoramic coaches), where they can be seen daily.