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Finnish route: Helsinki - Riihimäki

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  • Finnish route: Helsinki - Riihimäki

    The Helsinki-Riihimäki line is a 71 km stretch of Finnish mainline. It's very busy line including long distance- and commuter train services. It contains a stretch of Helsinki area commuter rail network (Which is a bit similar to S-Bahn) between Helsinki and Kerava. Max speed is 200 km/h. There are 21 stations on the line.

    Rolling stock:

    Click image for larger version

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    VR SR2

    The SR2 is a Finnish variant of RE460 loco. It's used on IC services. Max speed is 210km/h (200 km/h in service)

    Click image for larger version

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    VR InterCity wagons are double-decker wagons with a cab car.

    Click image for larger version

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    VR SM4

    The SM4 is used on fast regional and commuter train services from Helsinki to Riihimäki, Tampere (R-line) and Lahti. (Z-line)
    Max speed is 160 km/h. Helsinki area commuter train lines are marked with letters.

    Click image for larger version

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    VR SM3

    The VR SM3 belongs to the Pendolino family. Max speed is 220km/h. (200 km/h Between Helsinki and Riihimäki.)

    Additional DLC:

    Click image for larger version

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    JKOY SM5

    The SM5 trains are used on Helsinki area commuter rail network. Unlike the other rolling stock, which is owned by VR, these trains are owned by private Junakalusto OY (JKOY). Max speed is 160 km/h, but the max speed of Helsinki area commuter rail network is 120 km/h.

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    Uhh, interesting route! Just saw a short 57 second long video on YouTube (obviously a time-lapse video) from end to end - and it looked really cool to me!

    Interesting and crowded area around Helsinki (which I'm sure provides many opportunities for freight/shunting services) and then slowly fading into a more rural environment. Interesting choice of trains as well, thanks for your suggestion!


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      Considering a lot of people want new countries (including myself), I think this would make an excellent addition! Let's hope it will become a reality one day