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  • First driving impressions

    I was very pleased of this wonderful route.

    In my very first trip from Bellinzona to Biasca I noticed two things that may be fixed in the next route revision:

    1) The wheel noise in the line bends (squealing) is in my opinion too loud and disturbing! It could be strongly reduced in volume or even suppressed!

    2) It is a pity that in the path scheme in the lower part of the screen (the one with grades, signals and stations, I do not remember the name) it is a pity that there is no indication of the galleries.

    Did somebody else have the same observations?

    Kind regards to everybody

    RG Torino, Italy

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    Personally I like the bogie run sounds, trains in reality are very noisy things! but I guess a bit of reduction wouldn't go amiss, but if a window is open! 😊


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      I fully agree on your comment. The wheel noise in the bends is too loud and disturbing. It could be totally removed.


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        I've been on this line hundreds of times, and I can assure that the wheel noise is way too loud in the game. In reality, the run is quite smooth and surely less noisy.


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          I also agree : in reality those cars are very quiet. In TS, TTB has put (sounds are not from RG) a lot of random sounds which are playing... randomly.

          As I said some days ago, I work on new sounds I've recorded between Brig and Lausanne. Here is a first vid (tested on LGV because there is no swiss route where I can reach 200km/h; I don't have any recording of the sound betweed 160 and 200, so the sample between 125 and 200 has been extended). We can clearly hear the difference !


          • matteomo
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            That's really, really good :-)

          • Nemo
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            Thank you !