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Route suggestion : Bergen - Oslo | Norway

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  • Route suggestion : Bergen - Oslo | Norway

    Hi, I want to suggest a route I really like, the Bergen line. It runs from Bergen to Oslo. It's mostly countryside.

    I discovered it on Youtube and it is beautiful.

    Wikipedia there

    It's a very long route (371 km / 231 mil), it doesn't have to be Olso to Bergen.

    The passenger company operating this line is VY. They use the EI 18 (Modified version of the RE460), Class 73 and Class 75.

    Thank you!

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    Hi Iako,

    thanks for your suggestion! Love that route, the country and the amazing views along it! Would you mind sharing the video you saw with us?
    But I agree, most likely that we wouldn't do the entire route, because nearly 400km is quite a bit.

    We'll have a think about the route when we're deciding what route to build next - thanks anyway!



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      Hi, thanks for the response!

      There's a recent video from Voss to Bergen.

      It's a popular channel by a train driver on this line. There's multiple videos about it.

      Yeah it's very long so feel free to cut it. It doesn't have to be all the way to Oslo. As long as Bergen is there the spirit of the line is present.

      Thanks again and I wish a great day to the rivet team!


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        Hi Iako,
        thanks for the video! Although it's dark in the video and I just skipped through, still looks like insane scenery!

        Enjoy your weekend,