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Gotthardbahn for TSW

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  • Gotthardbahn for TSW

    hello can you do the gotthard bahn line and do the same on tsw for passenger service a re 460 plus the pilot car and rabe 523 and for freight a re 420

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    Hello ,
    It already exists on TS, that's enough!
    It would be better on other lines that are not on TS


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      Well the main line exists but the extensions to both Zurich and Chiasso are more than welcome!


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        Having the Gotthardbahn in TSW2 would be amazing, just think of the high mountains...

        Thanks a lot for your suggestions, we'll keep them for the next time we're deciding what route to build next!


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          hi i know that you have gotthardbahn at train simulator but you can also create gotthardbahn at tsw 2 that would be great


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            Just moved the post above in here, as we already go this suggestion for TSW.

            We still agree - having the Gotthardbahn in Train Sim World would be great! Maybe one day we'll take the challenge... I can't promise anything though!


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              Rapin , why should be enough?

              Arosa line was published for both simulators, TS first and then TSW and no-one said nothing

              Why that couldn't be possible with the Gotthardbahn? Maybe you prefer something else, but there are persons (like me and many others), that would be happy to have that line on TSW


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                Not only the Gotthardbahn, but also an extension that starts from Luzern towards Chiasso and Locarno. With RABDe 500, RABe 501 and RABe 526