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Extensions for the WCML Trent Valley Route

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  • Extensions for the WCML Trent Valley Route

    As I mentioned in a previous post of mine The WCML Trent Valley is regarded as one of the best UK routes made for Train Simulator.

    If Rivet Games ever decide to do another UK Route I would like to see an extension of the WCML Trent Valley route to areas like Stoke on Trent, Crewe possibly Birmingham or even the likes of Manchester, Liverpool and London Euston.

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    Thanks Kyle. We’re not planning on doing UK routes because the UK’s quite well supported by Dovetail, so we’re building on the team’s Swiss experience for now and going forward we’re keen to do iconic overseas routes that will bring entirely new players into the game.


    • Kyle Lennard
      Kyle Lennard commented
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      There are many UK Routes that DTG Have not yet covered such as the sections of the WCML I mentioned, the tyne valley line, The midland Mainline north of Bedford just to name a few examples

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    Good plan, now that I've been playing the route extensively I think sticking with Switzerland 🇨🇭 for now is a great idea, I'm loving it.