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Route Suggestion: Geneva to Lausanne

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  • Route Suggestion: Geneva to Lausanne

    I would love to see a route, either beginning at Geneva Airport, or Geneva-Gornavin, going on the SBB line, along the shores of Lake Geneva, to Lausanne.

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    I totally agree with you: the route is scenic, offers a lot of different challenges (regional services, long-distance services and freight services as well) and is quite viable to develop. This route is possibly one of the best additions TS could have.


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      I have to disagree : the ligne between those two citys seems flat : no big lake, no moutains etc... When I went in holidays in Switzerland, I took the IR90 from Lausanne to Brig, and I can assure you that ths section is more beautiful than the one you're proposing.

      Firstly, in a technical matter : the section between Lausanne and Villeneuve is eqquiped with ERTMS. The actual trains of the Gotthardbahn are running on it of course, but there are also Flirt for the RER Vaud, Domino the RER Valais, Re 4/4 with suburban trains or IR trains (which are less and less used), some times Re 465 (I saw one at Martigny 2 years ago). Also, at the end of the year, I think the TGV will come again to Brig because TGV POS will go replacing the last TGV SE in the north, which means those POS units will be remplaced by Euroduplex which are equipped with ERTMS.
      Between Visp and Brig, we can see the MGB's line where the Glacier Express is running. Also at Martigny, the Mont-Blanc Express is going to France.

      Visually, when departing Lausanne, we follow the Leman lake, which is gorgeous because on the other side, we see France. It is also a big lake, one of the biggest in Europa I guess. After that, we are deeping in the Valais with it gorgeous mountains.

      Making the Lausanne-Brig section has another advantage : later, we could have the MGB line from Zermatt to Fiesch, or further. The rolling stock is almost here : we have the Glacier Express cars and the Regio cars (which will require a overhaul because there are some differences). In addition, at Brig, when the MGB didn't exist, the FO (Furka-Oberalp) was using a section which is not used today.


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        I can agree partly with what Nemo said: I also think that Lausanne-Brig is a very scenic route, but I wouldn't say that Lausanne-Genève is an ugly route. But the making of the whole Lausanne-Brig could be difficult (I've explained it also in another thread): the fact is that the route would be a bit too long to create for the developers (145,5 Km), but this could be reasonably solved finding a good compromise: I propose for example to make the Lausanne-Martigny/Sion tract, maybe adding the section who goes from St.Maurice to St.Gingolph. Maybe also the really wide range of rolling stock could be a problem in the creation of the route, because there would be need to develop at least two trains (a regional commuter and a long-distance service) and there would be anyway lack of other important consists (on the route there are Re 4/4, Re 460, ETR 610, TGV, Domino, Flirt RABe 521, the passengers coaches EW IV as well as the Italian Thello coaches who operates on the Venice-Paris night service, and obviously also the freight service).
        The nearness of other lines (MGB, Mont-Blanc Express, ...) could also require to create some KI consists, an extra obstacle.
        Said that, I would love to see the route in the game too.


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          Nemo I would love to see the Simplon route too as I live on the route in Martigny. But I don't think they will be able to either make the Mont blanc Express or any of the MGB line. Simply because both are cog railways and that is a limitation in the game because of the train that doesn't react well with a really steep grade. I heard it on the Rivet Games live stream from Dovetail Games when they were talking about the line that goes from Göschenen to Andermatt. But on the other hand, they can make the Saint Bernard Express that is also operated by TMR and it is a standard gauge, it runs from Martigny to Le Châble/Orsières. Le Châble is very famous cause this is a must-pass for people going to Verbier which is loved by English people. And as I live next to it and possess an AG/GA, I can provide unlimited footage for either the Saint Bernard Express or the Simplon Line.


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            concerning others compagnies trains, having some KI consits would be nice either for us and for the devs : less time would be used to create them because nobody will drive it. So we don't need details in those trains. For the Martigny-Châtelard train, there is no need to put a train on the track where the slope is the most important. I don't think many people will notice a train either. Putting a train between Martigny and Vernayaz should be enough.

            Concerning the lenght, it must be a logical one : doing the Lausanne-Martigny part section has no sense because Martigny is not a terminus (only for St-Bernard Express). Having for example Lausanne - Aigle would have more sense because Aigle is one of the terminus of the RER Vaud, and IR are also stopping there, which could permit us to use the actual rolling stock from the Gottharbahn.
            After that, Rivet could bring an extension of that route : Aigle-Brig or Lausanne-Vallorbe. For the first one, it would be a logical extension where we could drive on a big part of the IR90 relation. We could also use the TGV from Lausanne to Brig (waiting hopefully for a good one, not the "joke" from DTG..). Lausanne-Vallorbe would bring us another line of the RER Vaud, which is not very long, and where TGV are also going.

            Concerning the rolling stock, it depends of what RG could do. Using RABe 523 on the Lausanne-Aigle section would be more interessant, and then, if the Aigle-Brig section comes out, ETR 610 could come in a pack with that section.