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New RhB Enhancement Pack / Rolling stock pack suggestions

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  • New RhB Enhancement Pack / Rolling stock pack suggestions


    Neva Retica Steuerwagen (Driving Trailer/Cabcar), BDt 1751-1758 - can be used with the Ge4/4 II and Ge4/4 III and EwI and EwIV coaches and is commonly used between Pontresina and Samedan and Reichenau-Tamins and Disentis. Sometimes also seen on the Arosa lines and Albula lines so would compliment your current rolling stock and routes nicely.

    Bt Steuerwagen (52801- 52808) - This is the newer version of the BDt driving trailer and is the second class version of the Ait which will be used on the Alvra Gleiderzug. This is part of the new series of rolling stock the RhB are acquiring. These will also be used alongside the BDt driving trailers so will also compliment your current rolling stock and routes.

    Alvra Gleiderzug mit Steuerwagen (Ait - 578XX) - now used on most of the Albula InterRegio services between St. Moritz and Chur. This is the new fixed articulated 6 part train. It consists of one 'A' Coach, one 'AB' coach and 4 'B' coaches. Within the 'B' coaches this includes a family leisure coach wich has a play area with a slide aswell as the end coach having a photographers saloon with openable panoramic windows to take in the spectacular scenary.

    Abe 4/16 Allegra - used between Thusis, Rhäzüns, Reichenau-Tamins, Chur, Landquart and Schiers. This is used on the S bahn regio services between the stations listed. It has even been to Filisur recently for the first time.

    Capricorn - will be used between Landquart, Klosters, Davos Platz or Samedan. This is a new multiple unit with automatic couplers to enable the spliting of trains at Klosters to form services from Landquart to Davos and Samedan.

    Aussichtswagen - This open wagon is a very common sight on most of the Bernina Express services and Regio Services through the Bernina pass and is very popular with people taking photos, especially when there is hot weather.

    Ge 6/6 I - also known as the 'Crocodile' or 'Krokodil' this would go with the Heritage green RhB coaches provided in Enhancement Pack 05. It is commonly seen during the summer months doing 2 return trips each day between Davos Platz and Filisur but is also seen on the Albula Line. It can also be found sometimes pulling freight trains.

    Loco improvements:
    Some more licenced liverys would be nice such as 'Glacier on Tour', 'RhB Large Logo' on the Ge 4/4 III. Then on the Ge 4/4 II the Albula Tunnel Construction, RhB Club or the Kohle livery for Rhätia 1. This could mean you see a wider range of variety instead of lots of red as most of the real RhB locos have some sort of colourful advertising.

    Having the option for manual changeover of pantographs so you don't have to wait for it to change when shunting etc aswell as being able to have an authentic experience with using the front pantograph when carrying flammable materials in freight trains. Sometimes the pantographs aren't always changed when the loco changes direction when services reach the end of their route.

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    i do agree with you.
    alvra rolling stock is for me the most important train to develop now !
    of course it will need lot of works as it is a fully new rolling stock but as it looks like alegra trains, you can use the same technics you used to obtain a very nice result.
    it needs only 3 cars to develop for alvra trains but 7 interiors...

    best regards


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      I love that idea, id would be realy nice to have a steuerwagen in the game.
      Also i think it would be awesome to have a shunter like the RhB Gm 3/3.