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Third corridor: Pardubice - Zábřeh Na Moravě

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  • Third corridor: Pardubice - Zábřeh Na Moravě

    I would like to see an official Czech route in TSxx and the third corridor seems like a very obvious and popular choice while still being very unique and diverse in it's own way.
    I made a detailed proposal for it some time ago so you'll probably understand the decision to link it instead of writing it again.ábřeh-na-moravě.15551/
    I think that the obvious choice for this route is the ČD 151 for being such an iconic and functionally unique loco and the ČD 163 for it's versatility.

    Cabview video (time from 1:13:00 to 2:02:00):

    Something more to "tease" the ČD 150/151 locomotive. Apologise for linking a non-english article but it's more just a cool thing to share rather than something important for the proposal.
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    Really like that idea, cool stuff. We'll keep that in mind when considering which routes to build.


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      Thanks for replying and considering the idea. It's always nice to see that someone is reading through these things.

      edit: I made a mistake. The ČD 163 is required otherwise there would be no freight. It can also run all of the full stop and limited stop services but it can't run any of the intercity, eurocity and express services due to it's top speed. These are left to the ČD 151.
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