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A Brutally Honest Review Of: West Cornwall Steam Special

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  • A Brutally Honest Review Of: West Cornwall Steam Special

    So as you may know West Cornwal Steam Special dropped today with new liverys services and a scenario or 2. (Getting me more hyped for Swanage. Only 10 days away. Wooooo!). So far I am absolutely in love. I'm loving the new liverys to offer as well as we now have a speedometer which will make hudless challenges easier. So far I have been playing almost all day and have had no bugs so far. Yet another amazing piece of work from Dovetail & Rivet. In fact, I have made a new scenario which utilises the Christmas lights. You can check that out here: If your a fan of Steam Locos and Christmas then that is definitely for you. Before I give the final rating we will quickly talk about the headboards. They are very cool however I do wish you could reskin them. So what do I rate the new add-on? 9/10. It would be 10/10 if I could use Leanders Lights in scenario planner.

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    TFT6439 WOW, that's amazing to read! Thank you. We look forward to seeing your screenshots! 😊


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      You know what would be amazing?
      If you could create your own custom headboard in the game.
      To start;
      Select the shape and colour of your desired headboard.
      Type in the text to display on the headboard.
      Pick the train you want it to be on.
      Save it to your liveries.

      This could have a section in the livery designer area specifically for headboards.

      Let me know your thoughts AmScot01324_Rivetand TFT6439


      • TFT6439
        TFT6439 commented
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        Yeah I agree.

      • AmScot01324_Rivet
        AmScot01324_Rivet commented
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        Ah, ok. I can mention it to the dev team and see if it's something they think would be doable.

      • Nathan
        Nathan commented
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        Thank you!