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Jubilee Celebration Sale?

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  • Jubilee Celebration Sale?

    Just Trains, Bossman Games, Armstrong Powerhouse and Digital Traction have all recognised the Jubilee weekend, to mark something we will never see again in this country. It is a celebration of our Queen, it has never happened before and will never happen again. Even Hornby Model Railways and othered joined in too.

    What did Rivet do??? I believe Rivet is a Scottish company and like those mentioned, a weekend or one day sale could I feel have been very popular. It wouldn’t have benefited me as I have all your routes. But may have brought Rivet some new customers.

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    Hi Nigel, hope you had a nice Jubilee weekend. The Steam rules are that we can only do sales if players can participate in the sale on Steam as well - and as Dovetail are our publisher, they operate the sales. Thanks for the suggestion though.