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1938 Tube Stock - what I like and don't like

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  • 1938 Tube Stock - what I like and don't like

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    Visually the train is stunning, there's a couple of things wrong with it here and there but I overall love the way it looks from the way it reflects light outside from the highly polished paint befitting a preserved machine and the wonderful warm soft slightly yellow lighting inside the train.

    Its not all good news though, the sound as we've noticed on streams isn't exactly amazing in the cab. Its very quiet and you can hear much better sound in the passenger area than you can in the cab. If they can fix this this will be elevated substantially.

    The train does support Raildriver properly and works very well. Its playability is really good. The physics seems pretty decent to me and I enjoy driving it.

    Things I would like to see changed
    • Better in cab sound - make sure you can hear track noise, traction noise, and the thumpy air compressor especially when you are seated in the driving position - this is critical
    • Smoother sound transitions outside the cab
    • I'm not sure if core will allow it, but I would expect most drivers drove this in a standing position so it would be great if that was allowed
    • Move the brake gauge a bit left so you can actually read it and make the train pipe needle move when you apply the EP brakes - these do use air so the train pipe should move at least a bit
    • The speedo might be in the right place visually but its too high and is hard to have both the controls and speedo in the players field of view
    • Let us change all the destination boards - if I'm running it someplace else I don't want it to say Bakerloo

    Things that are better than the IoW version and would love to transplanted into that version
    • Master key mechanic is better - not perfect but better
    • Buttons "feel" nicer
    • Lighting fades on and off which is a nice touch with DC incandescent lights
    • Physics is significantly better than IoW
    • Overall visuals are better
    • Use of Raildriver is better with a more standard button arrangement
    The game did have a UE crash to desktop on my last drive, but given that's happened a bit lately since the last series of updates around Rush Hour I'm not prepared to blame the DLC for that one.

    You can see my review video if you're curious - I muck around constantly so don't expect too much in the way of seriousness ....

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    Very detailed report, thank you a lot for that!


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      On of the viewers on my stream Gareth had an interesting idea about the standing controls and core's capabilities, perhaps if there was a version of the stock for driving while standing which had a narrow high seat. It would appear like the player was in a standing position while the game thought they were sitting down. Perhaps a possible answer.



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        The first aid box near the guards area is wrong. These were not fitted when the 1938 stock was in service with London Transport. First Aid boxes were only fitted when the stock transferred to the Isle of Wight as BR Class 483.


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          Thanks for that positive report, very to happy to hear that you like the train!
          Shh, if you haven't already, please leave us a review on the platform you bought it - that helps us and other players a lot! Massive thanks!

          I'll forward the problems you mentioned to our devs and let you know if we're developing an update.
          Btw, the speedo at the top is there in the original of course - before that, they had this big black box displaying the speed, but then changed it when they modernised these trains.

          Regarding driving the train while standing up: I believe this should be possible, just get up again after sitting down (you need to to that to fulfil the objectives).



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            Rivet shows they can produce trains well. The visuals look impressive to me and the functionality is well done in terms of details. Behavior & physics seems good as well.

            I agree on the op of the thread, the sounds are a immersion braker though and NEEDS to be reworked. Its not about the "button and door sounds itself", its about to get the impression to drive this train when inside the cab or passing by. Coasting is almost silent. Pointed out in the preview stream when i asked sam to cut the power. Sam explained it in a good way the thing about sound, and the mixing of it to get this immersion.

            rivet should look into that since this makes the difference to a "buy or no buy" for many players.

            As much i want to enjoy it, right now its a "static musum" in my collection because driving it feels not like beeing in a old noisy tubestock.




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              I totally agree. The sounds need serious work. I suggest listening to old videos of these trains in action, paticularly in the underground sections. This would have been a day one purchase for me due to the nostalgia factor but was very disappointed when I heard the train on the streams. I haven’t given up on buying this in the future but only if the sounds are more realistic.