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  • New Swiss Route

    I vote for another Swiss route after your current projects are finished ;-)

    Looking forward to Penzance in the meantime.

    Also, am I imagining things or were you working on a new rolling stock for the Bakerloo Line at one point?

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    Hi Majickthyse ,

    yeah, Switzerland can cast a spell over you pretty quickly hmm? We're thinking about new projects at the moment, it there anything in particular you would love to have in TSW?

    We're looking forward to Penzance as well - I think this is going to be a really interesting route!
    And yeah, we're working on the Standart 1938 Tube Stock for the Bakerloo Line. I think it's nice to see a little variation in traffic on the route.


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      Your Albula and Bernina routes on Train Simulator were very nice (although I'm not sure what Albula is like with the new tunnel).

      For new routes I'd like to see Visp to Zermatt in the Valais, or something in the Bernese Oberland, such as Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen and/or Grindelwald, or maybe Grindelwald to Lauterbrunnen via Kleine Sheidegg and Wengen. These would give you the opportunity to do great things with the Matterhorn, or the Eiger, Monsch and Jungfrau

      Another option would be Interlaken to Lucerne via Merringen. This would be interesting as the route would require changing ends at Meringen. But at nearly 70km that route might be beyond TSW's capabilities...


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        To be fair, the Albula and Bernina Pass route are from Thomson Interactive, not Rivet Games. But that's just a side notice.

        Interesting stuff, not too sure about the high mountains like the Matterhorn, but that's something to look into how we could do it in Train Sim World. Having these high mountains would be very impressive I'm sure!


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          I think it can be really cool to see a return of the RE 460 with passenger coaches or one of the two Swiss EMUs you've made in TS2021. Since there were many complaints with the mountains on Arosa, it might be better to pick a route in a more flat part of Switzerland. But I'm fine with pretty much anything at this point.

          On a side note, is there a reason why the team chose to make another British route instead of a Swiss one? Not saying I'm not looking forward to that (I do!), but it doesn't seem logical given the results of the survey from a few months ago.