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  • Spam threads in the forum

    Good evening everyone,
    as many of you have probably seen, from some days there are a lot of annoying and disturbing spam threads of mobile phones selling.
    I really ask the administrators to delete these threads and ban the profile, because it ruin this forum.

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    yes your posts are annoying : we are here to discuss about Train Simulator and Rivet's addons, not about some random fishing spams which have not their place here.
    If you want people to see your ads, go on Facebook on Twitter. This kind of forum should only be used by a good community without people posting those kind of annoying message as you did.


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      Hi all,

      I've been away for a few days, and somehow wasn't getting notifications about this. The user has now been banned, and all their posts deleted.

      Apologies this took longer than we'd want to address this - we're a small team at the moment without the resources for someone dedicated to looking after the forums yet, and a few of us are juggling a number of things.

      Although we'll learn from this and work harder to jump on problems sooner, we might consider appointing a couple of volunteer moderators now that a number of you have been around for a while and been active. Email me at [email protected] with your forum handle if you're interested in doing this.

      Best Wishes.



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        I'm delighted to announce that matteomo has taken up the reins and is now officially a Moderator Even though Rivet is still a new company, and these Forums newer still, Matteo was one of the earliest members, as well as one of the most informed and helpful, so he'll be a great asset.

        A bunch of the team still keep tabs on everything that's said on the Forums, so we'll still be around, but it's just that we don't always have time to post, but Matteo will help us keep any unpleasantness out of the forums.

        Thank you, and welcome Matteo



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          Thank you for the role and the nice words

          As Colin said, I'll be here helping the team. I'll try do to my best and to be part of the conversations if needed (at least on the Italian, French, German and English threads). Concerning the recent spam issue, if there will be any problem in the forum I think the best solution is to report it here, so the team or me can intervent on it.