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    Originally posted by Wothan View Post

    Thats simply not acceptable.

    Finish what You started - the Arosa line has been out for almost a year and still no Timetable fix.

    No further by from me me when it comes to Rivet-games.
    Hi Wothan,

    that reply was misleading, I know. We said that we don't have the manpower to add new functionalities to released products (like Dovetails Preservation Crew is doing). BUT that does NOT mean, that we won't update routes that we released!

    Regarding the Arosa timetable: We had quite a bit of going back and forth between Dovetail and ourselves which caused the long waiting time (which we know is not acceptable). The update to Unreal Engine 4.26 the caused more problems. But we think it's now fixed and we're testing.

    We'll hopefully have more news about the update soon!


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      I take it this is going to be abandoned like every other rivet product


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        Hi 4cor , what do you mean with "like every other Rivet product"?

        We always take care of problems and trying to fix as much as we can. And yes, we're aware that this timetable fix has taken way longer than we could ever imagine. That's mostly down to various bugs and problems and last but not least some core update, like a upgrade to Unreal Engine.

        But, we'll fix the outstanding issues with the timetable - we're starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.


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          Got the route recently, and I actually enjoy it much more than I expected it to. It's a really lovely route!

          A few issues I would like to mention though:
          • The GE 4/4 II locomotive seems to not produce any flange squeal sounds when going through curves, even though the cars behind it do. I'll check the passenger cars, but the freight cars definitely squeal in curves, wish the locomotive did as well.
          • Routes are way too clean white in snowy conditions, like cars never drive on them, This is especially silly looking in the city parts. Some tire marks on them would really bring them to life in snow. Might be easily solvable the same way DTG did on Sherman Hill, with a layer of tire mark splines over them:
          • Some tree types have no shadows at all, as seen on this screenshot (both trees are the same distance from the camera, yet the one on the left has no shadows, even when going right up to it)
          I'm not going to bother complaining about the "big" issues we all already know about, like the bit sad looking distant scenery or the jumping start of the GE 4/4 II or the very annoying sound of the passenger cars, but I thought these issues listed above might be worth bringing attention to, as they might be relatively easy fixes?


          • Jasper_Rivet
            Jasper_Rivet commented
            Editing a comment
            Thanks for flagging, I'll forward this to our devs! Love that idea on the tire marks...