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    Hello, I see that you are very interested in TSW2, that you are doing a good job, well done.
    But what are your plans for TS 2021? it would be a shame if you stopped in such a good way! you did an excellent job with the RhB and Gotthard lines, but when?
    thank you for your answer

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    Hi Rapin,

    thanks for your compliment about us doing a good job in TSW! Always appreciated and nice to hear.

    Regarding your question: We do focus on Train Sim World at the moment for upcoming projects. But that doesn't means, that we won't publish any new TS 20xx projects - they will be less frequent though.



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      There, I wanted to follow Rapin's point in begging you not to "overlook" Train Simulator fans and maybe prioritize TrainSim World 2 more. I can understand that simulating for TSW can be more rewarding than a professional point of view but what you have achieved at the level of TS is just as remarkable at the level of Gotthard and Lake Constance but also at the level of the RhB network which, in itself, is a world of its own and it is every time a pleasure to take the controls of a train to travel through these superb landscapes.

      So I fully support what Rapin said and I think I'm not the only one. Thank you in advance for your kind attention and, to all of you, a huge thank you for all the work accomplished and all the pleasure it brings us.