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    I'm really looking forward to your Arosa line for TSW 2. However, please make sure you make best possible use of the game engine for the distant mountains and don't just recycle assets from your TS 2020 route.

    One of the biggest let-downs for me on all alpine lines in TS 2020 was the plain green vague mountain shapes. It would be very nice to see detailed tree lines, snow caps, glacier edges, mountain huts etc. After all, in Switzerland the mountains are what we go to see!
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    Hi Majickthyse, we're currently working hard on Arosa and of course we're making sure to make the route the best we can - and the best the Engine allows us.

    Thanks for caring though!


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      I think part of the problem is to blame on technical limitations of the TS engine. This is an issue I've also seen on routes outside of Switzerland, such as the Canadian Mountain Pass.

      Since Unreal 4.23 is a much stronger engine, I'm sure they can improve the look of the mountains