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    Welcome to the Rivet Forums. Feel free to introduce yourself and kick off a few conversation topics - and know that we're working hard at Rivet creating new content to give you more to talk about!

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    I just like to wish you good luck with the new company and hope for a lot of new stock and routes. I would love to see some more historic Swiss stuff....



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      Many thanks Rudolf. Noted C.


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        Well. My name is my profile name, some may know me, some may not, but here is some basic info.

        What I do is mostly Twitch Streaming with Simulation Games over on my channel with Train Simulation and more, including content from Thomson Interactive, the more recent Swiss routes and packs but also the older English content.
        Really enjoying it, especially the Swiss content, wish there was more!

        If you want to know more about me, don't hesitate to ask
        Twitch Streamer of Simulation Games
        Find me on Twitch /robjansen, Twitter: @robjansennl , Instagram: @robjansen1988 Steam: /robjansen and YouTube: /robjansen

        More information about myself on my website


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          Hi. I live in Rye in East Sussex, hence my name. Have used Train simulator for many years now - and particularly like the Thomson add ons which seem to get removed everytime that TS updates itself!

          I use the Raildriver controller in the absence of anything better - this is pretty good but I would like to see it being more universally accepted than at present - the lack of a standard controller interface is one of the big downsides if the trainsim business at the moment in my opinion - can you imagine flight simulators without joysticks and panels?

          My first career was 27 years with British Rail, starting at the bottom and working my way up to a senior position, so I am a little particular on railway accuracy and detail, particularly signalling. Also a great fan of the Swiss railway system, although that has changed a great deal since I first experienced it in the 1970s.

          I have suggested elsewhere some Swiss routes that I would like to see modelled - the BOB in particular as a nice self contained railway (albeit slightly mundane after modernisation, and adoption of fixed formation units in recent years). Nearer to home, I really cannot understand how the London Underground (deep level lines) has been left out - a potentially rich seam I would suggest?

          It will be good if Rivet can induce some new life into Dovetail, who's product offerings over the last 12 months have apparently gone stale. New routes and offerings, as opposed to repackaging existing, are not retaining interest I fear, whilst there is confusion as why TrainSim World actually exists at all; appearing to duplicate routes in competition with the original TS product.

          Good luck with the venture. I wish you well and look forward to the future.


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            Hello everyone, my name is Andrea I am passionate about Train Simulator 201X creator of the CTRL route, creator of 3D objects for Train simulator, creator of the WIP route La Spezia- Parma (Italy) over 5000 hours of work on Ts


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              Hi I'm Arthur I am a Railway Volunteer from Melbourne called Puffing Billy, (2ft 6in) I also Sell model trains too, I've been trying to get a Aussie Route set up years ago, so let's hope we get some more Areas covered!


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                Hi, my names Martin and have been train simming since the day's of MSTS. I've loved all the previous work done by Thomson Interactive and look forward to more content, all the best on the new venture.


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                  Hello everyone, my name's pretty much self explanatory. I'm just another train sim user that has WAY too much time on my hands and knows a little too much about operations for my area, certain areas of the UK, and the RHb.


                  • ColinM_Rivet
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                    Welcome Rob, John, Andrea, Arthur, Martin and Matt! Nice to learn a little about you all, we're eager to see what you think of the Gotthard route, as well as the other things we'll be doing in due course as well!


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                  Just driven a quick drive from Erstfeld. excellent work thankyou


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                    Thanks hc


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                      I live in France near Paris, and of course I like trains like everyone here. I went several times in Switzerland, and I fell in love with this gorgeous country. I came here to discuss about Rivet's content : the things I like, the things I don't like etc... I'm also creating some personal stuff for TS.

                      I hope we will have some great times together !


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                        As in these days the forums will be probably busier following the announcement of the Surselva route, I'd want to invite new users to feel free to introduce themselves here.