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    Ok firstly let me get the good bits out the way before I start to run through the glaring issues that I am seeing.

    First what a stunning look route, a thumbs up on the assets side of things along the route. First impression on a whole was a wow but then... the cracks started to show. ........

    Cab sounds
    Why when you open the window or the front do the sounds in the cab not change ? When it's raining like in the Engineering works scenarion the 4th one in the list when you play through from the start. It's raining on the route, you can hear the rain on the roof from the passenger section, the moment you enter the cab it stops.

    Cab Windows
    Why when it's raining does this not effect he front and side windows of the drivers cabs. I just played a scenario where it was raining, I turned the wipers off because there was no rain on the windows despite the rain coming right at it. Passenger views had rain effect on them yet nothing on the drivers cab.

    The Ai seems to not know how to turn the headlights on when they are driving the train. Several times the train coming the other way had no lights turned on. They also seem to have an issue stopping at Ryde St John when heading towards the pier, the 3car unit stopped too soon, left the back of the train outside the platform and opened all the doors.

    Given as a player we spend most of the time in the cab driving the train, how could of these issues get out into the wild and slap us players around the face.

    As a Twitch streamer that was looking to play and explore this route, after only a couple of hours of play I am here reporting bugs, when really I want to be able to say to viewers go ahead and get the route, right now I can't do that and currently suggesting that people wait for some bugs to get fixed first.

    Please, please fix these Rivet, don't let your first TSW route release leave a sour taste in my mouth.

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    Hey JP,
    great thanks for sending us this list of feedback! We're already aware of the most issues listed. I'll forward this to our developers anyway! Again, great thanks for reporting!



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      First of all thank you for this route. The price is fine and when you take VAT, the Steam cut etc into account you almost wonder how it is done at a profit. Looking forward from the cab and onto the immediate trackside really does remind me of travelling in the cab on my old preserved railway. The interior of the carriages is excellent. Following JPs remarks the biggest issue for me is the lack of sway and bounce. That is for me a major piece of atmopshere that is missing. Perhaps the track is too perfect. Secondary, but not essential wishes, would be to include seagulls with sound at the pier and a ferry. (I thought I could hear some very faint gull sounds.) The water is rather odd but can live with that. If you are able to make the improvemnts people are suggesting then this will be a fabulous route. And fabulous routes are what TSW2 needs - like the Arosa route you are going to make ! or else !!!!!!


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        Editing a comment
        Thank you for your comments. We are working hard to gather information to pass on to our developers.