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  • IOW ( not happy)

    very poor add-on been very rushed, no train sounds really, no brake sounds when applying or releasing brakes no MA sound when powered up no RPA sound when moving handle from shunt to full motoring, should be train number in the front door as well as under the window, no air sounds when doors close, no compressor sounds, even track run sounds are poor, if you can't record the sounds because of covid then game should not be release till u can, people are paying 17.99 or 19.99 if from steam and with people loosing jobs left right and centre thats alot of money for some people for a half finished add-on.
    They isn't even a time table! Like come on really...
    The end of train lights (red tail lights) don't work.
    The passenger lights make the game lag.
    How can you put this out to the public when to be honest it's unfinished!! I understand its the first add on but this is taking the p**s did you not try it on consoles before release!

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    I second that motion, I too am also disappointed & yes it seems to have been rushed.


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      Sorry to hear you're disappointed in the route. Regardless what is or isn't how you hoped, trust me when I say the route absolutely has NOT been rushed - we've ironically spent the last month or two fighting all the comments online from people that wanted it out much sooner.

      But we know everything isn't perfect so we'll look at every issue that's reported and try to fix as much as we can in a patch, please bear with us, but please also recognise the millions of other things the team have worked really hard *for months* on the rest of this route.




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        I wonder if dovetail games gave rivet games a released date and rivets games dispite there best efforts just didn't have time to iron out all the little knicks in the route.But if the db br 204 is any example i know that rivet games will get things fixed when possible.