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TSW2 Livery Designer for BR 204?

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  • TSW2 Livery Designer for BR 204?

    Just a suggestion,

    but it would be a creative possibility for fans of this loco and maybe to start a BR204 painting competition in the future. "TSW Matt" just said in the livestream: all 3D train models made for TSW2 have realigned textures (or UV-maps) to use them in the Livery Designer and all previous train models from TSW1 arn't compatible, because of their different texture arrangements. As a result it would be to much work to edit all previous train models for the use in Livery Designer. That's a good argument for the busy TSW team at DTG and their fully filed roadmap (but the BR204 is made by Rivet Games).

    I suppose the BR204 finally will appear after the release of MSB for the "Preserved Collection" and with the new Scenario Editor it will be possible to place and to use the loco an all the other German routes too.

    By the way it's nice to see, that Rivat Games is working on other big projects for TSW2, like the upcoming "Isle of Wight" route and even on the Swiss "Arosa Line" in the near future. I'm really curious!

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    Interesting suggestion, thanks!


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      Hey Sparmi ,

      we do love the idea of having a painting competition, this would be really fun! And sounds like an idea we should do in the near future with our TSW 2 releases.

      Regarding the 204 texture update for preserved collection: We don't think that we're updating the textures to make the livery editor work, but it's still for up for internal discussion.