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Feedback about the "Lake Constance: Schaffhausen – Kreuzlingen Route Add-On"

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  • Feedback about the "Lake Constance: Schaffhausen – Kreuzlingen Route Add-On"

    Hello !

    Here is my opinion about this new addon.

    Visually, this is excellent. The line is nicely done, there are a lot of new assets. The swiss atmosphere is nicely represented with the typical swiss houses and the small stations.
    The GTW is also visually excellent, detailed as it should be. I didn't notice any "shocking" 3D. There is even some dirt, which is good point ! Another good point : there is a "stop on request" system, which is interesting feature, it feels like you are carrying real passengers ! .

    The only thing I don't like is driving the GTW. Firstly, sounds are an absolute garbage. They come from the Dostos made by DTG (which were already bad). Basically, it's just one sample of "something", not even a rolling sound. The motor-car don't have any motor sound, this is outrageous.. Those sounds are killing the immersion. Ironically, Thurbo has a page on it's site with some sounds taken from a GTW, I'm asking myself why RG could't use them. (
    Secondly, levers are slow. It takes a lot of time to move, for example, the brake lever from one position to another.
    Thirdly, physics are bad. The acceleration is kinda strange, including jerks sometimes ! Brakes are also incredibly powerful

    To conclude, I think this addon is a must have, but only if you don't care about simulation. The GTW included should only be used for AI, sounds are killing the immersion. It's a very pleasant route (especially at sunsets). In fact, you forget that you're near Zürich ! I'm in love with this country, and the atmosphere makes me remember my holidays !!

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    Thank you for your feedback, Nemo . We are happy you are enjoying the visual atmosphere and your comments regarding sound, brake lever, and acceleration have been reported.


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      I've come to pretty much the same conclusion as Nemo, here's my full review :

      Keep up the good work! ...but, please, fix the sounds xD