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RhB Enhancement Pack 04 - GE 6/6 II

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  • RhB Enhancement Pack 04 - GE 6/6 II

    As is tradition set by previous RhB Enhancement Packs, the star of the show is a brand new locomotive, and this time the unique RhB Ge 6/6 II will be included, to be run on the Surselva: Reichenau-Tamins - Disentis/Mustér and Albula: St Moritz - Thusis routes.

    The RhB Ge 6/6 II dates back to the 1950s and was designed to haul freight, taking over from older locomotives that were not powerful enough to meet demands – particularly during the construction of the Bergell power station, which required around 1000 tonnes of cement a day to stay on schedule.

    A new locomotive would be designed to haul 250 tonnes up the challenging gradients of the Albula Railway, this loco would feature a Bo’Bo’Bo wheel configuration, allowing for plenty of distributed power suitable for hauling freight. The first two were delivered in 1958 and were given the Ge 6/6 II classification (meaning is was the second type of electric loco of the RhB to feature six axles, all of which are powered).
    In 1965, an additional 5 locomotives were built, and for a time the fleet were used on fast passenger trains. Since the 1990s, when the Ge 4/4 III was introduced, the 6/6 IIs have been downgraded back to freight and secondary passenger duties, and despite their age all of them are still in service today.

    With Rivet Games’ RhB Enhancement Pack 04, you’ll be able to take charge of mixed-traffic trains aboard the Ge 6/6 II, hauling in-tow EW4 A & B passenger coaches and a baggage coach for tourist’s belongings, across the virtual RhB network. Additional scenarios are also included for both the Surselva and Albula lines.

    Available to pre-order now from the Rivet Store, with more news coming soon.
    Click image for larger version

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    oh stop it you are spoiling us! And emptying our bank accounts

    Looks stunning as always, I really hope you keep going with the RhB content!


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      Originally posted by ColinM_Rivet View Post
      With Rivet Games’ RhB Enhancement Pack 04, you’ll be able to take charge of mixed-traffic trains aboard the Ge 6/6 II, hauling in-tow EW4 A & B passenger coaches and a baggage coach for tourist’s belongings
      Is the baggage wagon from the EW IV series or the well-known EW I?
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        Looks like Christmas is going to be good...


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          Hi ColinM_Rivet will you adjust the headlights? 701 703 705 and 707 have square headlights and not round ones

          Click image for larger version

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            Great news guys keep up the good work
            Freeskai they might well include in the pack let's hope if is the only difference it's the square light can't see why not my self, let's see what the full package includes 1st


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              Just happened to see this now, I still need to get the other two recent RHb routes, might as well wait until this one comes out.


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                KolejPrzemek the new baggage wagon will be the D4210-D4213 (dynamic numbering) Sanitätswagen.

                Click image for larger version

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                • KolejPrzemek
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                  Thanks for information.

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                Thank you for your work. I am delighted to be able to ride on Rhb lines with this locomotive . ColinM_Rivet There also freight cars?


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                  Freeskai The round lamps are the original ones (see collage image) and as time has progressed, more modern square types have been used as replacements on some vehicles during maintenance cycles. Fleets like this do give us a difficult choice - we either model only one loco or we provide numbers and crests for a single base type loco.

                  It'd obviously cost more in development (and therefore on the pack price) if we modelled all the different versions (the 701 and 702 had slightly different headlights again), so our main reference model was the 704 because it's been retained for preservation by Historic RhB (, and rather than exclude the numbers now with square headlights we thought we'd give people the option. "

                  Natbenj (first post - welcome!!). Great to hear thanks. No freight cars with this pack; it's the passenger coaches and baggage car etc. However, we hear folk asking for freight and hope to be able to do something on that front before too long.


                  Click image for larger version

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                    the pictures look like always top. I'm looking forward to putting the Ge 6/6 II in front of a freight train


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                      Rivet Games lacks attention to detail and this is not too close. So unfortunately, I have to say, then, rather than cut out products half-heartedly and as fast as possible, let it be better!

                      For the price of about 28.-sfr you can already expect that the locomotives (are only 7) to the latest state be replicated. The track is also reasonably up-to-date (apart from Poschiavo)

                      as they write ColinM_Rivet the base is a single locomotive. and the price is way too high for the other locos are just repaints (that's how I understand their answer)
                      there is also the fact that you rip off the Swiss. but I will open another thread


                      • matteomo
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                        Well, they're not proper repaints as the locos were all with rounded lamps. They're just replicating the state of the locos as they were before the restructuration works.

                      • Mothertrucker19
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                        Also if you go into a sharp curve, the middle wheels move away from the track, and there are a lot of sharp curves on the lines, so it's noticable-

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                      It's this behind released today as planned? Cheers


                      • AmScot01324_Rivet
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                        It will be released today! Look for it around 4:15pm UK time.

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                      Thanks AmScot01324_Rivet just seen been released on steam about 5min ago but I still haven't received my activation key "pre-order" with advanced

                      EDIT: just received the email many thanks
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                        Bonjour ,
                        Je l'ai achetée , elle est bien jolie , mais comment la faire démarrer ? j'ai regardé sur le manuel , mais rien vu sur le démarrage par clavier .
                        Merci pour la réponse