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OUT NOW: ScotRail eXpress: Edinburgh - Glasgow

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    A little too comfy. Also hello Nathan! Good to speak again.


    • TFT6439
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      That's okay Nathan. The DTG forums are great but there can certainly be a few moments where you do something and then someone comes along and is like: Do we really need this, that dosent add up to that etc.

    • Jasper_Rivet
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      Off-topic: Love to hear that you're feeling comfortable in our forums, sounds like we're doing something right there. 😊

    • Nathan
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      Yea. You guys definitely are! 👍

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    Can't wait to get the dlc tommorow. Got the update on ps4 for its release earlier.


    • Nathan
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      It's great! I haven't played anything but that route since I got it! You'll love it!

    • TFT6439
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      Nathan Just finished installing the route I'm gonna play it for a few hours and see what I think.

    • Jasper_Rivet
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      Let us know! ^^

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    Tms not showing how many cars in ps5 version, also won’t let you do SDO


    • Jasper_Rivet
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      Oh okay, thanks for sharing this with us. Will forward this to our devs.

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    A bit more feedback,

    Journey Mode - very little variety other than the occasional depot ECS moves every thing is end to end, it would have been nice to have some Dunblane & Alloa services mixed in, dont expect it to be changed on this route, but can you feedback to the team for future releases to include a better mix of services please Jasper?

    Got to say I'm loving the dynamic weather in journey mode though!!
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    • matteomo
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      Hi, I'm not sure about what you meant when you said there aren't Dunblane/Alloa services, because there are services who do run shorter sections of the route as part of these Dunblane/Alloa journeys and so they are in a certain way a bit different (even though of course the route is always the same). It is just to make sure, because if you can't see them at all then there must be something wrong 😉
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    Jasper_Rivet not sure if it’s been mentioned before but can we see some services stopping at Edinburgh park and also can you address the issues with entering tunnels as there seems to be some sort of green light which makes a horrible look on the interior and exterior of the train


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    Hi Thanks for the reply, sounds like something has gone wrong then, Im on Steam
    Below are screenshots of the 5 chapters​

    Click image for larger version  Name:	image.png Views:	0 Size:	83.9 KB ID:	8547
    Click image for larger version  Name:	image.png Views:	0 Size:	180.8 KB ID:	8548
    Click image for larger version  Name:	image.png Views:	0 Size:	162.2 KB ID:	8549
    Click image for larger version  Name:	image.png Views:	0 Size:	169.4 KB ID:	8550​​
    Click image for larger version  Name:	image.png Views:	0 Size:	162.4 KB ID:	8551

    As you can see none of the services indicate anything but a full run pr depot moves, I think 2 scenarios covered the shorter services, but no services for me in journey mode are visible to either Dunblane or Alloa.


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      Oh yes, now I understand, my bad... I had misread the "Journey mode" with "Service mode". You're right in saying that there aren't shorter services in journey mode (so thanks for your suggestion), whilst we do actually have Dunblane/Alloa services in service mode. Hope that helps!


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        There appears to be a powercut at Glasgow Queen Street - very dark all along the platform and on exiting the train there were no lights on but there was some mysterious glow. Nevertheless the whole station was very dark. This image is the view along the platform towards the buffer stops in the distance


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        cabbepe Re: "Please tell me, without revealing identity, which Scottish accent the lady has."

        The lady that did the voiceover grew up in Inverness, but has lived in Edinburgh for the past 10 years, so her accent isn't obviously from one town or another, just a nice Scottish mix


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          Thanks for all the bug reports etc, the team are currently looking at everything and we'll have an update on what we're able to fix as soon as possible!


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            Hello everyone, thought I’d signup as I’m enjoying Edinburgh to Glasgow so much, the route is stunning, so well done Rivet! 😁

            Hope you don’t mind some feedback of course, I put similar on the DTG forums, for me the biggest improvement is the timetable, can adjustments be made?

            Here are some of the issues;

            AI timings, they really are completely unnecessary.

            Edinburgh - Glasgow just seems completely empty, and I’m not talking about just having the Class 385 as the main unit, I have no problem with this to be honest.

            It’s the completely unrealistic and missing services. Glasgow-Alloa and vice versa, nothing after 2100, in reality they operate until well after 2300. There should be no reason why these are missing right?

            Edinburgh - Dunblane and vice versa skips Edinburgh Park again completely unnecessary. Now at least they run until well after 2300 in the game!

            The express services between Edinburgh - Glasgow none existent after 2200 again there should be no reason for this?

            Finally, there are additional peak services that depart Edinburgh and Glasgow at xx:00 and xx:30 these are thankfully replicated but the timetable is inaccurate, in reality they stop at Lenzie and Bishopbriggs additionally but are non-stop Falkirk High - Haymarket (a nice high speed run!) and don’t stop at Croy either.

            There is no shortage of timetable resources to replicate accurate timetables. There’s Realtime Trains and the Scotrail website itself?

            Were there time limitations, game limitations, lack of resources as to why a fuller timetable couldn’t be included? Or did Rivet go for a Covid timetable around mid 2020-early 2022?

            Is there anything that can be done, without breaking the existing services to have a timetable overhaul as a patch in the future?

            It would really be appreciated.​

            Other than that, the route is amazing well done, it’s a firm favourite of mine it gets a 7.5/10 at the moment, but I know it can be improved upon, for me the timetabling is the biggest issue. Other than that I can’t complain!



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              Hey guys,

              thanks for all the feedback here, on social media and everywhere else. We've worked on a first patch that is almost complete. We don't have a release date yet, but we'll keep you updated on it.

              This is the changelog:

              Class 385 Setup Changes:
              • Updated Brake responsiveness, improving air brake performance and making stopping easier
              • Increased responsiveness of the CPBC when using hotkeys
              • Moved Contact Signaller function to the GSMR phone for consistency with other TSW trains
              • AI to Player and vice versa handover is now working correctly
              • Train wide doors can no longer be opened while the AI is driving
              • Master key is now present after reloading from a Save
              • Master key now has a turning animation
              • Passenger overcrowding and incorrect orientations have been resolved
              • External right cab door key is now accessible
              • All external keys now animate correctly
              • Added Camera View specifically for the TMS
              • Removed cameras from trailers / passenger "headout"
              Class 385 Audio fixes:
              • Running sounds updated
              • Wind noise occluded
              • Improved general audio mix
              • Removed chime
              • Updated audio occlusion
              • Fixed traction and braking issues
              • Improved transitions for traction motor notch volumes
              • Implemented inverter related audio fx
              • Updated track joint sounds
              • Improved volumes of running and traction motor sounds
              (Note: as mentioned, sourcing the audio will require a recording trip. We are in discussions with ScotRail around organising this, so these improvements are all using the existing audio).

              Class 385 Art Changes:
              • Added caution tape to inside of guard panel door
              • Updated door button graphics to reflect the proper graphics
              • Added inner axle hubs that connect the axles to the bogie frames
              • Updated the first class livery
              • Added Gaelic branding to the pantograph unit
              Gameplay and Infrastructure changes:
              • Improved expected station stop timings for timetable services
              • Added Edinburgh Park stop to Dunblane services
              • Fixed routing for depot moves to/from Queen Street
              • Fixed signal emmissives
              • Added missing Neutral Section signage
              • Added missing car stop markers to Haymarket
              Route changes:
              • Improved darkness of tunnels along the route
              • Added additional lighting to Edinburgh Waverley and surrounding area
              • Updated lighting at Eastfield Depot
              • Updated lighting at Queen St Station
              • Fixed missing sections of OHLE along the route
              • Updated a station footbridge to add missing underside panelling
              • Updated sign on Linlithgow station to be correct
              • Implemented One o'clock gun at Edinburgh castle following further discussions

              As a note, the West Cornwall Steam Railtour Add-on has been put on hold whilst the we focus on these improvements.​


              • Nathan
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                Haha! 😂
                Nice joke Jasper_Rivet! Okay. I look forward to it! 😃

              • Jasper_Rivet
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                Actually not a joke - we want to make sure it's properly tested before releasing it. 😌

              • Nathan
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                Keep us “Updated” on the “Update” 😂
                See what I mean? 🤣

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              Originally posted by Jasper_Rivet
              [*]Improved expected station stop timings for timetable services
              Does this mean the AI-timings will finally be eliminated? If so, can this fix also be applied to the other timetables (Luzern - Sursee, Arosa, IOW etc.)? Good to see at least that the Steam Railtour is put on hold.
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              • Jasper_Rivet
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                Yes. Timings should be rounded up to the next minute with the upcoming update.

                Not sure about bringing this update to previous routes, we have nothing planned right now.

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              Jasper. It’s good to see your team are working so hard to correct the deficiencies in the route. I also hope that after this, that your team will work to correct the glaring scenery omissions to WCL and make the route worthy of being in the game, please.
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                Nathan It should mean there won't be any cars "hanging off the edge".


                • Nathan
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                  Thanks! 👍.