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    My thoughts on the route:
    (I haven't bought it yet, so this is based on watching streams, but I will surely buy it soon)

    + nice scenery
    + nice detailed trains (your trains always look the best, with all those details they have)
    + implementation of neutral sections
    + choice of timetable layers (also view -timetables)

    - sounds in the cab (closing the door next to the driver seems to help, but this should be fixed) and the running sounds have some horrible loopings
    - grass growing on the tracks in several places
    - use of textures for PIS (it can't show anything on other routes (it would be better to use a text-system like DTG in their newer routes, as the trains can also show destinations on other routes (like being layered on other routes)) Similar thing for the announcements, I would have liked a system with triggers on the track, which could be used on all routes, and this way future proof the 385 too, instead of a system that only sometimes works on this route.
    - timetable (timetable itself seems not too bad, and I like the layers (314 on a railtour, RHTT, steam layer from the soon to come Steam railtour expansion), but some layers like the RHTT should be seasonal. It is frankly just stupid seeing the RHTT in summer. Railtours mostly happen in summer. Seasonal trains have been added to TSW3. Second point for the timetable: the timings, which are AI-generated. Please use real timings. Third point: set-up time. Please use on the next route 2 minutes set-up time. It makes a huge difference). Watching real-life videos, there should probably also be some 6- and 7-car services. Also, it seems some sevices don't have the dispatch through activated. All this would require a little more work to implement, but it does help a lot to give a better feeling to the player.
    - Problems with LOD of the trains, often you can see a 385 that is plain blue, instead of the saltire-livery, if it is a little further away. For example the second unit in a 8-car service.


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      Originally posted by mob4004 View Post
      Also, it seems some sevices don't have the dispatch through activated. All this would require a little more work to implement, but it does help a lot to give a better feeling to the player.
      IIRC Luzern Sursee had services with no dispatch through activated and Rivet quickly corrected that within a week or so.

      Saying that Rapid Transit has this issue on the original timetable and thats never been addressed so perhaps its either a quick fix or an impossibility.


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        BUG REPORT:
        Caridge Doors not closing behind you. They should close within 15 seconds of being opened. They currently do not close at all and have to be manually closed.


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          Some more things:
          - several station stops are wrong for 8 car-trains (half the train is off the plattform, if you stop where the game-marker is)
          - Edinburgh Park, no trains stopping (some should)

          smaller bugs:
          - all buttons show open doors
          - master key is way too big
          - PTS-coach should have the Scotrail-logo in Gaelic
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            Some bug updates:

            - annoying wind howl is caused by the half-door next to the driver, which closes access to the first class compartment behind the cab. It is open (not enclosing the driver seat) by default, when you´re spawned into a service and presumably should be left open when driving, however it makes the game think as if you have open door to a platform/window.
            - rain/snowflakes on the front window are cumulating when the unit is not moving. As soon as it starts to move the effect will terminate. When you´re in an external camera mode and look in the direction of the travel - no rain effect, as you look back or to the side rain kicks in.
            - headlight lumination effect kicks in only when you´re like 100 meters away. Farther there´s no lumination - obviously it is especially immersion-breaking during night passing by AI trains or being at Waverley, where the lumination makes spledid shadow-effects and suddenly stops as if you´ve put the lights out.


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              I have been enjoying the route so far and think it has been really well modelled, especially the train. As others have mentioned, it does seem a bit empty at Queen St and Waverley/Haymarket when your train is the only one in the station especially during rush hour. Also, I agree the sounds of the unit could be finessed - having spent many hours in driving cabs of various units (albeit not the 385), the motor sounds etc do seem a bit loud in the cab.

              I really like the TMS and although IRL the driver would not manually make all the announcements with it (as demonstrated by the fact I totally overshot the platform at Lenzie on my first trip due to being distracted by it), it is a great addition and development for the game. I have noticed (as mentioned up thread) that when you are at the last station of your route, the TMS says that you are at the previous station (eg, Haymarket vs Waverley, or Lenzie vs Croy). Also, the final destination announcements do not work for the Alloa or Dunblane services, which seems like an oversight. Trains to those places don't seem to have those destinations on the front either. It would be good to include some stations stopping at Edinburgh Park.


              • Nathan
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                They do have them on the front, it's just difficult to find but the anouncement problem is annoying and there should have been anouncements recorded for Dumblane and Alloa

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              I highly appreciate the amount of work on both terminal station, however after several runs I need to stress that the ommission of Lilithgow Palace and St Magdalene Distillery (included as a custom made asset in TS version) makes arrivals to that particular station very generic. At least the Palace as a notable landmark immposible to miss from a cab (see attached photo) should really be added later on.


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                BUG REPORT #1:
                Wind sounds dar too loud in cab. Needs to be turned down. Eletric hum of the train needs to be louder. In some stations that is the only thing you can hear in real life besides the passengers chatting.

                BUG REPORT #2:
                Eletric hum of the train needs to be louder. In some stations that is the only thing you can hear in real life besides the passengers chatting. The electric hum should also be able to be heard from all Carriages and not just the pantograph carrige.

                BUG REPORT #3:
                Anouncements do not work for the final stations on the route. They just say. “This is Croy” when you arrive at GLQS

                BUG REPORT #4:
                No anouncements for Alloa or Dumblane. There isn't any anouncements for Dumblane or Alloa. For example: I was doing a Edinburgh to Dumblane service and selected the anouncement: “This train is for...” it should have said: “This train is for Dumblane” but instead it said “This train is for...(silence)” This needs to be fixed so that the Dumblane and Alloa services work properly.

                BUG REPORT #5:
                Carrige door sounds are wrong.
                They should have the same sound and effect as the Class 385 carrige doors.

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                • Nathan
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                  Apart from the bugs I mentioned this route is amazing! I literally haven't stopped playing it since I bought it. Thank you soo much Rivet Games! This route is fantastic and is the best route you guys have produced! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 😁

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                Why isn't the Scotrail logo available for Livery designer?


                • Jasper_Rivet
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                  Have asked, but most likely licensing reasons.

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                A.I TRAIN DERAILMENT AT Glasgow Queen Street!
                I was not involved. I looked on the map to see where I was going and I saw a train derailment. Time: 17:21
                Please fix this. It shouldn't happen. I wouldn't expect A.I's to do that. Click image for larger version

Name:	152192a0-7c43-4e17-96e6-e732f49d3757.png
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                • Jasper_Rivet
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                  Hmm, I wasn't able to reproduce that by spawning in the timetable (neither 17:15 nor 17:20 did the trick), but will forward this to our devs.

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                The mystery of the 314 that wasn't there

                I've noticed a couple of odd things about the 314 railtour services. Apologies if someone else has spotted them.

                First, the services are available via the 314 Timetable, but not on foot. You cannot spawn at Edinburgh in time to pick up the 314 12:00 service from Platform 10a, or at Glasgow for the 13:08 from Platform 7. If you do they aren't there. The timetabled 385s are (however you go in, 314 timetable, 385 timetable, or on foot) but not the 314s.

                I haven't tried, but I suspect that you also will not be able pick up the 314s by spawning anywhere along their journey.

                Secondly (and maybe more annoying) the 314s do not appear in Train Depot. This is a pity as the whole point of Train Dept was to allow you to select a service by train instead of having to remember which scenario it appeared in.

                So, in short, the 314 services are only accessible via 314 option on the timetable.

                I wonder if the 314 timetable is perhaps subtly different to the 385?​


                • Nathan
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                  For me, that's a good thing. I don't want to see regular 314 services as thats unrealistic.

                • John Birch
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                  Nonetheless they should appear in Train Depot.

                • Nathan
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                  True. If you have CCL it should be there.

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                Why is there no services from Queen Street to Edinburgh departing from Platform 4 of Queen Street??? There should be regular 8 car services going to and from Platform 4.
                also. The 10:45 service from Queen Street to Edinburgh Waverly should be 8 cars long and depart from platform 4. Instead, it's 4 cars long and departs from Platform 3. Please take a look at the timetable Jasper_Rivet. It isn't correct.


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                  Also, Please at least make the carrige doors close behind you. It hurts my soal having to close them behind me and the wrong noise they make.

                  Spawning on foot is difficult because anouncements do not work if I do one when I start. It still has the anouncements from the previous service.
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                  • Jasper_Rivet
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                    On the announcements: Well spotted, will forward this to our devs!

                    Don't know about the doors, this is not the highest priority, but will share with our devs too! ^^

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                  Do we know what time it will be out for ps?


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                    This person looks a little too comfy 😂:
                    Strange bug:
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	2a3eaf83-532a-48e3-987f-8554469f891b.png
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                    • Jasper_Rivet
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                      Thanks for sharing, have flagged that!