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    Jasper_Rivet, are there any services on the class 385 with 7 car formations? (3+4)


    • Railfan33
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      Yeah sorry and the 3 car

    • Nathan
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      Can I make a 7 car service in the scenario planner?
      Is that possible?

    • Jasper_Rivet
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      We have 4 / 8 car services running between Edinburgh - Glasgow and Glasgow - Alloa (until Croy in the virtual version). 3 car services are running on Edinburgh - Dunblane (until Polmont on our virtual recreation).

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    Loved the preview stream! Can't wait to see some more videos on it! 😁 Rivet games, you might find this useful and maybe interesting. You can hear the traction motors very nicely in this video. I have to say, in the preview, the roar in the motors was too loud and unrealistic. Maybe this will help you dial it down a bit.
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      I know it might be a little bit early since the route comes out only tomorrow, but IF there would be a branchline in the future, what would might be the additional rolling-stock? I think that the ScotRail HST would be a good choice despite being A-B run with calling only at Haymarket and Stirling. Its high speed diesel from an older era, rather different from 385 just about in every aspect. Do any 170 or 158 run to Stirling from either side?


      • Railfan33
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        Is this a little hint that we could be getting the Stirling branch

      • Jasper_Rivet
        Jasper_Rivet commented
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        Nope, not right now. Sorry!

      • Express1217
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        Hmmm, that implies it will happen at some point *fingers crossed*

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      If you missed it, check out Dovetail's discussion with a ScotRail Class 385 driver:


      • Nathan
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        That was very interesting!

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      IMPORTANT INFORMATION if you're playing on Xbox:


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        Is it just me or did the Class 484 DLC seem like preparation for the Class 385 route to come next? ​​​​​​

        Could you change some of the sounds because in the cab it's excessively loud! Almost as if you've got the windows open! But there are now windows! It makes it difficult to hear the anouncements, horn and other train sounds so it would be great if you could turn it down a bit because it's just un-realsitic.

        Do the elevators/lifts work at all stations or is it just at the main stations because it didn't work at Croy?
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          The TMS doesn’t work on Xbox….


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          Click image for larger version  Name:	EDN_ForumTopImage-Release-EN.jpg Views:	1 Size:	99.7 KB ID:	8445

          We're super happy to announce that ScotRail eXpress: Edinburgh - Glasgow is available on PC & Xbox now! We hope you enjoy this Scottish mainline route and we can't wait to hear your feedback on it!

          🛒 Get ScotRail eXpress: Edinburgh - Glasgow here:

          📺 Watch the official trailer here:
          📰 Or head over to our blog:

          If you're playing on Xbox, we're aware that there's an issue with the TMS. Please watch this space for any updates on that! (See Dovetails forums as well:

          If you're playing on PlayStation, this add-on will be available next Tuesday, 31st January 2023.
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            Very early comments (Steam version), but...

            1. Love the announcements!!!! Really adds something to the game. But
            • There must be some way to automate them more (the announcements do not seem to work when sitting as a passenger),
            • They should announce ALL destinations - for example trains to Alloa do not say "Alloa"!
            • And maybe extend to platform announcements as well?
            2. The buttons outside the cab to open the cab door are not quite mapped to the centre of the button. You have to click around the edge.

            3. The trains I have driven have been mainly empty! Can passengers to persuaded to get on a bit more?


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              I've had a very enjoyable evening on ScotRail Express, and overall Id rank it as equally as good as Island Line 2022 if not better.

              Somethings I Particularly Like

              Dynamic Weather on the Time To Glas Go, only realised when I spaded on my first run and had to restart, means I'm likely to go back and do this scenario again, and its a really good scenario chasing yellows etc.

              Scenery wise the route and 385 are stunning as we've come to expect from yourselves.

              I had grave reservations about the AI generated timetable, however whilst I do wish you'd move on to manual timetables this timetable seems achievable to keep on time without driving like a madman.

              Performance on my gaming laptop is top notch, with only micro stutters around Murrayfield, I guess that is the trade off a beautiful stadium being performance heavy.

              Things that need attention

              The route really needs another pass, there's missing stop markers at some stations, some AWS magnets don't activate the warning systems - outside Polmont eastbound just before the junction definitely doesn't do anything and there's at least a couple more I noticed but didn't note the location of (sorry). The passing loops don't even have magnets, which I feel is wrong as in my simple head a siding off a 100mile section of mainline would have these (although happy to be corrected), also no catch points at the loops again feels like its wrong.

              The stopping point at Haymarket for service 1R18 is the incorrect place and would result in the rear 4 coaches hanging off the platform and needs moving forward, not sure if this is just this service or a wrong spot for all 8 car services?

              The brakes - I thought this would make the train undriveable, but they aren't as bad as I feared or as bad as it looked on the preview stream, however especially at low speeds (under 25mph)m it does feel like you need to be heavier on the brakes then what you would expect from a ultra modern EMU, definitely don't need major work, just a tweak IMO.

              The wind sounds in the cab are too loud especially at high speed, whilst I do like some sounds in a cab it does need toning down somewhat.

              Other Points To Note

              RailDriver support is excellent for the CPBC, but there's very little else binded to the RD, even the lights aren't controllable. Given that there is some many unused buttons, it would have been nice to see some of the TMS functions added as buttons, and at the very least DRA should always be binded to a key command on the RD. As someone who struggles a bit with to use a mouse the more functions on the RD the better and makes more parts of the game accessible to me.

              It would also have been nice to be able to stack the PA announcement's so for example it would play the "This Is xxx", "This is a service to x" and "next station is y" back to back, and when the next station is the final station then a "this train terminates here" added at the end.


              Overall I'm giving the route a C, definitely good effort and more than playable but a bit more attention to detail could have seen this be an exceptional route, the ground work is definitely there!!!
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                It’s a goof start, but there are a lot of fixes to be done. Look at Dad Rail and The British Ace on YouTube and you will find most of the issues. Being visually impaired, I would like an enlarged version toggle or the TMS.

                Please tell me, without revealing identity, which Scottish accent the lady has.
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                  Hello, thanks to everyone who's already giving out his/her feedback on the route. We will note down and take a look at all the aspects that you write here, even if we won't be able to give you a personal and detailed reply to everyone of you!
                  Hope you have fun with the new route!


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                    First of all, You did an outstanding job on this route, so far I´m enjoying it despite the reported issues!

                    bug feedback: Apart from already mentioned problems with TMS and sounds I´ve experienced a passanger bug related to the first class compartment, where they vere seated sideway on the seats next to the windows (it was present also in one of the preview videos) and sometimes they refuse to board the train.
                    A train arrived to the Queen Street and I´ve commenced from walkaround mode a service back to Waverley, altough the train did not switch itself to the next scheduled service and still showed "this is service to Glasgow Queen Street".
                    I also noticed that snowflakes are not cumulating on front window.

                    scenery: regarding both terminal stations its breathtaking, you even included the Cenotaph at the Georges Square - big thumb up!
                    Only slight let-down is Linlithgow, where both the Palace and the Distillery building are missing (which was present in train simulator version of the route and makes that particular stop unique and typically scottish =) ). For me that station is defined by those two views and yes, I´m scenery type of player. If this could be added in some form or another later in the process, I´ll be praising Rivet everywhere I go. =)
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                      If you're playing on Xbox, we have good news: The build with the fixed TMS has passed Microsofts certification and is on its way to you now. Sorry for the inconvenience and many thanks for your patience!

                      See here for more information:


                      • Nathan
                        Nathan commented
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                        Yey! So glad that's fixed!

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                      Minor matter, but I just took the 1544 from Glasgow to Edinburgh, having fun announcing where the train was at each station. Which worked perfectly until I reached Edinburgh where the system insisted that I was still at Haymarket.

                      Other than that, nice run. Left Glasgow in sunshine, arrived in Edinburgh in a blizzard.